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Metro Conference Championship History

(from 1976-91)

The Metro Conference, originally tabbed the Metro Six, was formed on June 13, 1975. It’s charter members included the Cincinnatti, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Memphis State, St. Louis and Tulane.

Expansion was soon on the horizon, as the league membeship increased to it’s size to seven schools when the Florida State University was admitted on July 28, 1976.

After Georgia Tech left the conference following the 1978 season, Virginia Tech quickly filled the void. Then St. Louis left the Metro. But waiting in the wings was the University of South Carolina who joined in 1983 to increase the membership to eight schools. However, Tulane forfeited its membership when its basketball program was discontinued following the 1984-85 season.

Team Competition
Year    Team Champion   Head Coach      Runner-Up       Site
1976    Memphis State                   Georgia Tech    Memphis, Tennessee
1977    Memphis State                   Cincinnati      Memphis, Tennessee
1978    Memphis State                   Florida State   Tallahassee, Florida
1979    Memphis State                   Virginia Tech   Tallahassee, Florida
1980    Memphis State                   Florida State   Tallahassee, Florida
1981    Florida State   Randy Jobson    Memphis State   Tallahassee, Florida
1982    Virginia Tech                   Memphis State   Memphis, Tennessee
1983    Florida State   Randy Jobson    Memphis State   New Orleans, Louisiana
1984    Florida State   Richard McKee   Memphis State   New Orleans, Louisiana
1985    South Carolina                                  Memphis, Tennessee
1986    South Carolina                                  Columbia, South Carolina
1987    South Carolina                  Florida State   Hattiesburg, Mississippi
1988    Florida State   Richard McKee   South Carolina  Tallahassee, Florida
                                        Memphis State
1989    South Carolina                  Florida State   Cincinnati, Ohio
1990    South Carolina                  Florida State   Louisville, Kentucky
1991    South Carolina                  Florida State   Memphis, Tennessee
Post-Season Honors
Year    Tournament MVP  
1976    Keith West, Memphis State
1977    Roger Webb, Memphis State
1978    Jim Ladyman, Memphis State
1979    Bob Kronauge, Cincinnati
1980    Jeff Player, Virginia Tech
1981    Marco Abilhoa, Florida State    
1982    Marco Abilhoa, Florida State
1983    Jon Ramthun, Virginia Tech
1984    Marco Abilhoa, Florida State
1985    Joey Rive, Florida State
1986    Jan Sandberg, S. Carolina   
1987    Paul Haarhuis, Florida St.
1988    Paul Haarhuis, Florida St.
1989    Mike Longley, S. Carolina
1990    Stephane Simian, S. Carolina

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