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Fostering the development of personal growth is a fundamental component of the N.O.L.E.S. program.  The support programs ensure that the student-athlete will be provided with opportunities to focus on personal growth area such as values clarification, goal setting, fiscal planning, decision-making and personal responsibility.  Programming focuses on helping the student-athletes develop a healthy lifestyle while they are at Florida State University and habits that will benefit them for life.  Currently, the Office of Student Services offers these personal development programs to our student-athletes:

New Student-Athlete Orientation

New Student-Athlete Orientation is held the Sunday afternoon before the first day of classes and is a great opportunity for all incoming student-athletes to get acquainted with the athletic department before classes start. New Student-Athlete Orientation provides incoming students-athletes with valuable information and programs available to them at FSU and within the athletic department. Information discussed includes such topics as Academics, Community Service/Internet Issues/Campus Life, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, and Blackboard. This program also provides our new ‘Noles with an opportunity to meet athletic administrators and upperclassmen.

P.H.A.T. Tuesday’s

Peers Helping Athletes Transition or PHAT Tuesday sessions are held every Tuesday during the month of September.  During these sessions first year student-athletes are engaged in interactive discussions and programs about becoming acclimated to college life and life as a student-athlete. Each PHAT has a different theme, i.e., stress and time management, leadership, campus resources, alcohol/values, career planning, and sports psychology.

Nutrition Education

Optimal nutrition improves performance by promoting overall health, providing energy during exercise, and enhancing recovery between workouts.  Specific food choices, portion sizes, and meal timing impact body composition as well as daily activities.  Meeting your needs for energy, nutrients, and fluids is essential to perform at your best.  FSU Nutrition Services include: Team Discussions, Educational Handouts, Individual Nutrition Consultations, Assessment of Dietary Habits, Personalized Meal Plans, Recipe and Snack Suggestions, Grocery Shopping Guidelines, Cooking Instructions, Body Composition Assessment, Supplement Evaluation, and Nutrition on the Road.




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