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A Tribute To Ronalda Pierce


In Memory of Ronalda Pierce
February 23, 1985 – June 8, 2004


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A Tribute To Ronalda Pierce
Ronalda Pierce

Tisha Carithers – Asburn, Georgia

To my precious cousin, Nada
Words can’t express the way I feel. You will forever be in my heart. Remember I used to baby-sit you and shonda-baby and I would get you to call Auntie Linda at Hardees to bring us something to eat, that was our pay for keeping ya’ll. Those days will never be forgotten. You are truly missed.

Tisha, Markevian, Ann, Zion, Tynesha, Kay

Daedra Bennett (Ashburn, GA)
My deepest sympathies and prayers goes out to the Pierce family. I will miss seeing Nada come home on the weekends. I will miss seeing her in her front yard washing her car with her music playing. I remember when Nada got in my Mustang, she sat in my back seat and she said, “I know I won’t be buying one of these cars because it is to small for me.”

God Bless
Daedra and Jacovius

Lauren Bradley (Tallahassee, FL)
It was an honor and privilege to get to know and play with #55 Ronalda Pierce. She was a very caring and loving individual that always put others before herself. My thoughts and prayers are with the Pierce family. Ronalda will always be a SEMINOLE and will live in our hearts forever. She will be greatly missed and forever remembered.

FSU teammate and fellow postplayer
Ronalda Pierce, #55 in the post, she’ll swat your shot, but she’ll sure never boast.
A great person and player from Turner County, GA
It was a pleasure this year, once I got to know ya. We love you.

Peaches Harris (Charlotte, NC)
My thoughts and prayers go out to Ronalda’s family as well as the whole Florida State family. Our family here at UNC-Charlotte suffered a loss when our friend Dani from our volleyball team passed away on a Spring Break trip this past Spring. Death is not an easy thing to deal with but she is in a better place now, smiling down on everyone. Even though I did not know her, it seems like she was loved by a lot of people. Again, I will keep you guys in my prayers.

Peaches Harris #25
UNC-Charlotte Women’s Basketball

Tallahassee, Florida
As a season ticket holder of FSU Women’s Basketball, I was given the pleasure of watching Ronalda play basketball at FSU. She was more than just a player but a great human being as well and she will be deeply missed on and off the court.

She can’t be replaced but she will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. My greatest apologies go out to the family and her friends.

We will miss her!
Joshua Hicks

Deanne Martenn – Ashburn, GA
My thoughts and prayers are with the Pierce family. Ronalda always had a smile on her face and never failed to speak when I saw her somewhere. She will be missed greatly in Ashburn. But I know she is in heaven playing basketball right now.

Keevin Williams (Tallahassee, FL)

To the Family of Miss. Pierce:

My thoughts and prayers are with you during these tough times. I know that God will keep you close and shower you with sunshine in the near future. God Bless!

Keevin Williams
Tallahassee, FL

Mitchell – Baker High School (Camilla, Ga.)
This is a situation that we can hardly believe, we met Ronalda just last year during basketball season when she started coming to basketball games with coach Smith. We also played Turner County last year and we just knew that one day we would be seeing her in the WNBA. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Pierce family. May God bless you. Rest In Peace.

Steven Coulbertson (Tampa, FL)
I had the privilege of seeing Ronalda play this past season and wish I had the opportunity to know her as a person. I want the family to know that they are in my prayers and that this is part of a greater plan that is conrtolled by a greater power. Heaven is smiling today. God Bless.

Levi Johnson (Tallahassee, FL)
My thoughts are with the family and friends.

Molly – Cape Coral, FL
May you find much peace and happiness in heaven while shining down on The Florida State University. A Seminole you’ll always be!

God Bless You and your family!

Benjamin Odom (Orlando, Florida)
I wanted to pass my condolences on to the Pierce family. Ronalda will truly be missed and will always be in our hearts.

God Bless You All.

To the Pierce families, we the Hall-Fuller families, send out our condolences to you at this time of sorrow. You will be in our prayers and thoughts and remember GOD will see you through this dark hour. We love you and may GOD bless you is our prayer.

Love Always
Jonathan T Fuller &
The Hall-Fuller Families
Ocilla Ga. and Atlanta, Ga.

Camilla, Ga. and Mitchell-Baker High School
Our thoughts and Prayers are with the Family of “Nalda”, Turner County community, and FSU family. She will be missed dearly. We will miss her sweet humble spirit. Remember GOD only wants the best, and she was the best.

May God continue to bless each and every one of you!

Zellia & Michael Ross

Amanda (North Carolina)
My thoughts and prayers are with Ronalda and her family. I know she will be greatly missed and I know that she impacted the lives of many. She is a special someone that will never be forgotten.

The Herrin’s – Ashburn, Ga
We were blessed to know Ronalda – as our daughter played sports with her all through her high school days. Ronalda was always there with a smile on her face and words of encouragement for her fellow teammates. She was always there to cheer others on. Ya’ll are in our hearts and prayers.

Monroe, Debbie, Diana and Jeremy

Thad Johnson – Grand Island, Nebraska
I admire Florida State University because of wonderful student-athletes like Ronalda who dedicate themselves 365 days a year. I’m from Nebraska, but I bleed Garnet & Gold, its the men’s and women’s programs that make the Seminoles the most exciting team in the country to root for and watch, and Ronalda’s heart and dedication is where it starts. I just wish I had the oppurtunity to meet and watch her play live. God bless you.

Thad Johnson

Lillian – Tallahassee, Florida
I am so sorry. I followed her last year. My daughter called and told me. My heart feels for you.

Melissa S. – Fort Lauderdale, FL
My thoughts and prayers go out to Ronalda’s friends, family, and team. Although I personally did not know her, it is truly a loss for all of the FSU and Tallahassee community to lose a fellow classmate and an amazing athlete.

FSU Love,
Melissa S

Garrett Johnson – Tampa, Florida
My prayers go out to the Pierce family during this tremendous moment of grief. No words can lessen the pain that death brings, but I hope your faith will comfort you and all the wonderful memories that flood your mind about the great person Ronalda was will encourage your hearts.

God Bless You,

Jennifer Acree
You are now the starting center for God’s team. I will miss you.

Eugene Trowers – Tallahassee, FL
Our prayers are with the Pierce Family in their time of sorrow. Ronalda is in a better place.

Derrick Rogers (Tallahassee, FL)
I would like to offer my deepest sympathies and condolences to the Pierce Family and the Seminole Family. Please know that you are in my prayers.

Tiffany Y. Bivins (Americus, Ga)
My thoughts and prayers along with my family are with the Pierce family in their time of grief. I remember playing against Ronalda during our high school days. She was a tremendous player. May God Be With The Pierce Family!

Tiffany Bivins
#5 Sumter County High Rams

Bill and Betsy – Miami, FL
Our sincere prayers for your family on the loss of Ronalda. God bless the Pierce Family and be at their sides.

Amber Wilkerson – Rebecca, GA
I am honored to have known Ronalda. I was fortunate to get to play ball with her and glad to have graduated with her. I enjoyed joking around with her, she could always bring a smile to my face. She will be GREATLY missed, and NEVER forgotten!! I am deeply saddened by this terrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with all of Ronalda’s family.

Los Angeles, CA
I am a former Florida State athlete and when a tragedy like this occurs, the effects are felt nationwide. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ronalda’s family, friends, teammates and the whole Seminole family. God bless everyone during this time.

Tampa, Florida
From all of your family in Tampa Love the Carithers family

Ashburn Colony Bank Drive Thru – Jeanene, Jessica, Amy
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Pierce family and to the FSU team. Ronalda was a very talanted young lady. Over the years she has touched so many young kids lives. She has influenced them to play the game of basketball. The family is blessed to have so many memories to look back and reflect on. Ronalda has accomplished so many goals in her short life. May God be your strength at this time of sorrow.

Brandon K. Williams
Although I didn’t know Ms. Pierce personally, I had the priviledge of meeting her when she had come by our dogtag stand in Governors Square Mall to place an order. I remember joking around with her telling her that I wanted to challenge her to a game of 1-on-1. She was just as joyful and humorous as ever, which really surprised me because I was just a stranger to her, and yet and still her polite demeanor made my day. It’s sad to see such a tragic thing happen to such a wonderful person with a bright personality and future. I deeply empathize with her famliy for I know first hand what it is like to lose a loved one. May God be with the Pierce family!!!!!

Americus High School Lady Panthers
God Bless The Pierce Family.

Abena McGill – Abbeville, Georgia
I had the opportunity to know Ronalda on and off the court in high school and she was a sweet person. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pierce family. God bless you all!

Fort Smith, AR
As a faithful FSU fan, I am saddened at the news of this great loss. My thoughts and prayers will be with the Pierce family and the University. I can only hope it will bring some comfort to the family to know their daughter will be missed by so many across the U.S.


Kia (Orlando, Florida)
In this time of sorrow, my thoughts and prayers are with Ronalda’s family and friends, including her extended FSU family.

Kia Asberg – FSU Tennis ’97-’00

Jason – Gainesville, Florida
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Karen Thomasville, Georgia
My thoughts and prayers are with Ronalda’s family at this time. She will be missed. Any time this happens to a young person it is just terrible and unexplainable. She will do great things where she is going now.

Sophia Graham – Broxton, Georgia
I am very sorry to hear of the passing of this young lady. I do understand that she was a great basketball star. I am praying that the team as well as her family is doing okay. I want you all to be encouraged and know that she was a star in your eye sight and now she is a star in the eye sight of God.

I didn’t know her personally, but when I looked at her on the internet, I saw an image of a nice quiet young lady, very respectful and mannerable. Someone that got along with most anybody. She will always be the ruby that God will always let shine in his kingdom. God bless you.

Love Sister Sophia Graham
(I used to play softball with the Fitzgerald Hustlers and we played against her home town)

Patechia Hartman – Atlanta, Ga
My prayers go out to the unibersity and the family. I was very hurt by this and it gave me a wake up call. God bless you and her family!

Kameelah Omar (Tallahassee, FL)
My thoughts and prayers are with you in great sympathy. I pray that God brings you much peace and comfort to everyone’s hearts. Seek Him in your time of need. God Bless all.

Laura Morcom
Our thought and prayers are with you.

Ocilla, Ga.
My family and I send our thoughts and prayers to the Pierce family and the Seminole family as well. May God bless you all.

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