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Strength, Conditioning, Medical Care and Treatment

Strength training, conditioning, medical care and treatment are avital aspect of an athlete’s performance on the field. At Florida State, a specially designed program is developed for women’s soccer, emphasizing the objectives of strengthening and conditioning the athletes along with the proper medical attention.

Strength and Conditioning coach Ron Miller, assistant Sterling Brown and staff individually customize programs for each of the athletes, beginning with pre-conditioning, before the season even gets underway. Assistant Athletic Trainer Janet Brown, A.T.C., will handle the athletic training duties for the women’s soccer team.

This season, Miller will be working with Sterling Brown in customizing a sound workout for the soccer team. The workout is instrumental in improving muscular endurance, strength and cardiovascular conditioning on the field. The coaches believe so strongly in the program that they even participate themselves. FSU takes pride in customizing the programs to help student athletes reach their maximum potential.

Miller, who holds professional memberships in the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Aerobics and Fitness Association, works with the players in sport specific training which includes strengthening the major muscle groups used in soccer.

Sterling Brown, a native of Fort Lee, New Jersey, was a four-year letterman for the University Richmond football team. As the starting wide reciever, Brown set numerous reception records for the Spiders. Along with women’s soccer, Brown will also train the women’s golf and softball teams.

Athletes at Florida State University receive the best care and treatment possible. All of the student athletes undergo a preseason examination in order to prevent and detect any potential injuries that an athlete may incur. If a problem is detected, the athlete is placed on a prevention care program which may include any kind of treatment from icing to exercising.

Though preventing injuries is the main objective, they are sometimes a part of participating in athletics. Rehabilitation is another important component of the Seminole training room. Janet Brown and the rest of the FSU training staff will work with the athlete and provide an intense rehabilitation schedule that will allow the athlete to successfully rehabilitate after an injury. More serious injuries and illnesses are referred to the Seminole team physicians at the Tallahassee Orthopedic Center, who for many years have worked in conjunction with the FSU training room in successfully rehabilitating numerous athletes after an injury.

Janet Brown, a licensed certified athletic trainer in the state of Florida, came to FSU in the Fall of 1995 to pursue her Master’s study in Sports Administration. This will be her third season with the women’s soccer program after spending the first two seasons as the graduate assistant trainer. She not only works closely with team physicians, but also provides evaluation and advanced first aid, injury prevention, rehabilitation, counseling and guidance, education and administration. Nutrition counseling and drug testing are also responsibilities of the athletic training team which is dedicated to providing the best care possible for all FSU student-athletes.

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