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FSU Athletics Department
403 Stadium Dr. West, Room D0107
Tallahassee, FL 32306


FSU Athletics Department
PO Box 2195
Tallahassee, FL 32316
For general athletics department inquires, call 850-645-2527 -- Vendors, please review the specific sports/departments listed below and direct your inquiries to the appropriate contact(s).
Women's Tennis Position Phone
Main Number 850-644-1893
Fax Number 850-644-3451
Jennifer Hyde Head Coach 850-644-1092
Mark Ardizzone Associate Head Coach 850-644-1099
Maria Linares Assistant Coach 850-645-1893
Lesedi Jacobs Student Assistant Coach 850-644-1893
Merissa Carpenito Strength and Conditioning Coach for Women’s Tennis 631-336-9501
Rosalind Senopoulos Athletic Trainer 850-644-2139
Jackie Belle Academic Advisor 850-645-2503
Regan Braun Assistant Academic Advisor 850-645-2503
Daniel Riley Stringer/Manager 850-644-1893
Dreu Fontenot Director of Operations
Kayli Manypenny Marketing Assistant 850-644-7929