June 17, 2014 - by

Roger Holler Champions Training Complex

The Florida State Seminoles train out of the newly renovated Seminole Strength and Speed Complex. The state of the art facility includes a 14,700 square feet weight room, 5,000 additional square feet of complex training area, 24 self contained work stations, a cutting edge video/audio system and over 80 pieces of customized free weight and selectorized machines.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches operate the Seminole Strength and Speed Complex. The coach’s design individualized programs that include a regiment of strength training, power development, linear and lateral speed enhancement, mobility and endurance. Before a program is designed all student-athletes are put through a battery of test to identify strengths and weakness.

Once testing is completed a computer-generated program is assigned to the student athlete. A coach will guide the student athlete through the program daily and progress will be monitored on a weekly basis by the strength and conditioning staff. Continuous supervision of the athletes will ensure a successful physical transformation into a collegiate athlete.

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