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 Nate Johnson will host the third in a series of weekly men’s basketball chats December 18, 2003.

Ask The Seminoles


Here’s your chance to find out many of the things you always wanted to know about the Florida State men’s basketball players. Throughout the season, you will have a week to ask each player a question and have it answered on Take a look at the schedule and get to know each player as you ask them questions only they will know the answers to. Submit your question and have it answered before the week is out as fans “Ask The Seminoles” what they want to know.

Week # Date Chat Host
Week 4 Dec. 15 Nate Johnson

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Tiffany- Tallahassee: Hey Nate, Do you have a girlfriend, if not I’ll be your Girlfriend
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: No. I do not have a girlfriend at this time. Our practice and game schedule along with my class load doesn’t allow me to focus on many other things beside playing well and doing well in the classroom.

Bill From Tampa: Coach Hamilton often mentions the many things you do during a game that don’t show up in the boxscore. He has called you his on the floor coach. After you are done playing the game is coaching something you would like to go into coaching?
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: I think coaching is something I woulkd like to try. I am focused on continuring my career after college.

Pembroke Pines: What is your relationship like with Todd Galloway? How does it feel to have to share time at the point with him?
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: Todd and I are good friends. Sharing time with him doesn’t bother me at all. It makes us both better players and allows us to be better as a team.

Janet, Talllahassee: When you’re not playing basketball, what is your favorite activity?
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: I enjoy watching television and playing cards when I am not concentrating on my game on the court.

Bobby (Chicago): Who is your favorite pro athlete?
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: My favorite professional athlete is Jason Kidd of the New Jersey Nets.

Travis Day Fayette Mo: Nate this is coach Day. I’m glad to see that you are have a great career at florida state. So how is it playing in the Acc
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: Playing at Florida State and in the ACC is fun but it is also tough. The staff at Moberly prepared me both mentally and physically for the rigors of Division I basketball.

jp: What does it take to be a point guard?
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: To be a point guard you need to be tough — both physically and mentally. You alse need exceptional leadership skills and a tremendous knowledge of the game of basketball.

shane Mclaughlin: im the backup pointguard for my basketball team and I want to work my way up to starting position, how can I?
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: Soem advice I would give you is to always be the first player in the gym and the last player to leave the gym. During the time you are in the gym you must always wbe working on something to improve yours and your teammates games. As the back-up point guard, you have to do more than the person in front of you is doing to become the starter.

Steve (Olathe, Kansas): Do you remember playing against my friend Nash at Coach Al’s this summer? He put it through your legs.
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: I’ll have to be honest with you — I don’t remember that happening.

H.S. Athlete: I’m currently a high school senior who is thinking about going far for school. How hard is it being away form your family esp. times like the holidays? Happy New Year!
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: Being away from hoome gets a lot easier after you settle in to your new situation. Yoh have to select the best school for you beacuse you college days are the best days of your life and you can never get them back.

rodney denver: have u ever scored a trippple duble be 4
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: I scored a triple double – points, rebounds and assists — once while I was in high school.
Senior Guard – Nate Johnson: Thanks for the questions and sorry it took me so long to respond. Keep watching the Seminoles — our next game is Jan. 11 against NC State. Go Noles.

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