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Summing Up The Season With Caroline Westrup

May 30, 2008

You finished your junior year ranked No. 9 in the nation. Are you satisfied with your final ranking?
“I am satisfied with my final national ranking because in the fall I did not play as well as I wanted to. I was ranked somewhere in the neighborhood of No. 80 and moved up to No. 9. Because of how much better I played in the spring as compared to the fall, I was really happy with my spring semester and the final ranking.”

What are you going to work on to improve your ranking in the upcoming fall and spring seasons as a senior?
“I am still going to work a lot on my short game; that is the part of my game I improved on a lot during the spring. Our new facilities at the Seminole Golf Course are really great and helped me improve a great deal. When I arrived at Florida State I had an average of about 50 percent on my up and downs. In my final three tournaments I made about 80-100 percent of my up and downs. I am going to continue working hard on everything.”

You have earned All-American honors three times in your first three seasons. Has it always been your goal to be the first four-time All-American in school history?
“Yes, because it there have been many great players at Florida State and to be the first one as a four-time All-American would be really cool. I also feel that earning All-America honors every year shows that I am a hard worker and work hard toward reaching my goals.”

What is the one thing you want to work on the most between now and the beginning of the fall 2008 season?
“First, I am gong to take a little vacation because one reason why I did not have a good fall was that I was tired from playing so many rounds of golf. I played in too many tournaments last the summer and did not have enough energy to play well in the fall at Florida State. I also really want to work on my putting and short game this summer.”

You are going to be busy this summer. What are some of the tournaments and events you are going to play in while you are at home?
“The tournaments I am going to play are the European Championship which are hosted in Sweden so playing in the tournament will be extra fun. I am then going to play in one European Tour even hosted by Annika (Sorenstam) and maybe qualify for the British Open. I will also play in some smaller events in Europe but I am going to play in a maximum of five events this summer.”

What is the one thing you will remember the most about the season you just completed?
“Our win at LSU with my team is my best memory. Of course, I will always remember the nationals with all the bad weather and delays we had. That event is something I will never forget.”

What are some of the things that you learned this past year that are going to help you in the future?
“I learned that you always need to have a good attitude no matter what is happening during a given round and to focus on what you can control.”

You are going to represent Sweden in the 2008 World Championship. As the defending individual championship how excited are you to play in the event once again?
“I am not on the team yet; we will know after the summer who will be on the team. There are four girls who are competing for three spots right now. But if I am picked I will be so excited to go to Australia because going to the event as the defending champion would be really cool.”

What is the one thing you miss the most about Sweden when you are in the United States and what is the one thing you miss the most about the United States when you are in Sweden?
“The thing I miss when I am in the United States is my family because they are so far away. I really miss my mom’s food, my talks with my sister and practice with my dad. When I am in Sweden I miss my teammates, my friends, the weather and Florida State University as a whole (the people, spirit).”

What is the most important goal you want to achieve during your senior season at Florida State?
A: The number one goal I have is for the entire team to go to nationals. It would mean a lot to me if we could go together my senior year. I want win the ACC as an individual and team championship. My individual goals are to win three tournaments and finish in the top 10 in all of the tournaments we play in. Another goals is to have a lot of fun my last year at FSU.”

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