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Tar Heels Hope To Keep Checking Warrick

Sept. 24, 1999

AP Sports Writer

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) – No team has held Peter Warrick in check
better than
North Carolina during his sterling career. The Tar Heels wonder if it can last
one more game.

The star wide receiver for No. 1 Florida State (3-0, 2-0 Atlantic Coast
Conference) has only seven catches in three games and no touchdowns against
Tar Heels heading into Saturday’s game. Warrick has at least one career TD
catch against every other ACC team.

There might be a logical reason for North Carolina’s success against
Warrick, one of the most dangerous big-play receivers in college football.

The ACC leader this season with 26 catches spent much of his time
hooked up
with cornerbacks Robert Williams and Dre’ Bly. But both former Tar Heels are
now in the NFL. In their place are a group of young defensive backs that will
try to corral the elusive and explosive Warrick.

“We look at that just like they look at us,” Florida State coach Bobby
Bowden said when asked about North Carolina’s inexperienced defensive backs.
“You study their personnel and see if they have someone who has problems.

“The kids play good, but they’re not the same two corners they have
had. We
are going to look at them to see if there is anything we can capitalize on.”

That’s Carl Torbush’s worst fear, considering the Tar Heels (1-1, 0-1)
the running of Thomas Jones of Virginia in their opener and the option attack
of Indiana two weeks ago.

“It’s a concern. If we had Dre’ Bly and Robert Williams back, it would
be a
concern,” the North Carolina coach said of Florida State’s passing attack.

“Right now they’ve got some really fast guys coming off that edge. I saw
them 40 times on television last week and they looked pretty fast to me.”

The Tar Heels will start two sophomore cornerbacks, and have no
seniors in
the secondary.

“The problem is not preparing for Florida State,” Torbush said. “The
problem is preparing for once the guys get on the field, that X and O that you
drew up on the board that says this is a perfect defense for what they’ve got
called, you’ve still got to tackle that guy.”

Despite his team’s success against Warrick, Torbush said the wide
is as tough as they come.

“He’s a very physical guy and I don’t think you appreciate that until you
get into a physical ball game,” Torbush said. “Against N.C. State last week
he had a chance to run out of bounds or try to make a move on one of their
defensive backs and he decided to run right over him. So I think you’re
with a tough guy.”

Sophomore safety Billy-Dee Greenwood is now the leader of the North
secondary. He doesn’t want his fellow defensive backs using youth as an excuse
for failure.

“I just told the guys to look at the film because film doesn’t lie,”
Greenwood said. “Back then, Robert and Dre’ were young, and those guys just
went out there and played ball. Mentally, we’re prepared to go out there and

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