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Tasha’s Thoughts: Diary Entry #2

Feb. 17, 2005

Hey Seminole fans!

I just wanted to apologize for taking so long to write the second diary entry. Since the kickoff of our 2005 season last Wednesday, the Florida State softball team has been pretty busy! Although we already have eight games under our belt, it always takes a few weeks to get into the swing of things and get used to our demanding schedule.

So, just to recap our first week of the season, we opened with a double-header against home-tome rival, FAMU. We pulled out a 5-2 win in the first game, but unfortunately, the outcome of game two did not go in our favor, marking our first loss of the season. Already off to a rocky start, we then hosted the Seminole Classic last weekend and completed the tournament with two wins over Nicholls State and two losses over Missouri. On Monday, we loaded up the bus and took a five hour trip out to Georgia Southern in high hopes that we would put an end to these unexplainable loses. However, the trend failed to stop when the Eagles took the first game away, leaving us to suffer with a 1-0 loss. Fortunately, we bounced back with a win in the second game.

Coming off of a stellar season last year with a World Series appearance and a top eight finish, we are all in a state of shock with our current 4-4 record! There really is no explanation to justify the way we have been playing, but I just know that this is not common to Seminole softball! Hopefully we will look at the past games and grow from our mistakes and treat the situation as a learning experience. When I look at my teammates, I see such a talented and gifted group. We are capable of so many things and I know we can accomplish anything! So maybe we are off to a rough start, but the season is a long one, and I know we will bounce back from this little rut we are in. Believe me…the FSU softball team we all know and love will be back in full force! Thank you for your support! Join us this weekend as we host the Sunshine State Tournament!

Go Noles!

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