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Tasha’s Thoughts: Diary Entry #6

May 23, 2005

Hi Seminole fans!

The school year finally wrapped up at the end of April, and then we immediately hit the road. Our massive road trip started with a drive in one direction to Troy, Alabama for a double-header against Troy State, then we drove in the other direction to play against our in-state rivals, the Florida Gators. We finished off the week by flying all the way out to Utah to play two games against BYU and two against the University of Utah.

After a long week of a few tough losses, we left Utah and returned to Tallahassee. Welcoming our return was a forty degree temperature increase and the infamous Tallahassee humidity. Unfortunately, it was time for summer school to start up. After a few days of practice and class, it was time again to hit the road. Talk about a continuous cycle of packing and unpacking! Sometimes I wonder why I even bother! Having only been in classes for two days, I was already missing the next three days to fly up to Maryland for the ACC tournament.

The weekend started off with the annual ACC banquet where All ACC team members and ACC player, freshman, and coach of the year are announced. We came into the tournament with high hopes of doing well to not only clinch an ACC tournament title, but to secure a bid to the regional tournament. After a disappointing loss to Virginia Tech after 14 innings of tough play, followed by a dropped game to Maryland, we headed back to Tallahassee with the fate of our season in the hands of the regional selection committee.

On Sunday, a few of the girls and I enjoyed the pool for the day and then headed over to BW3’s, a local wings restaurant, to watch ESPN in hopes that our name would appear in one of the NCAA brackets. Coincidently, cross town rival FAMU, who had already secured an automatic bid, happened to decide on the exact same place to find out which bracket the selection committee would send them to. Man were we excited and surprised to find that we would be going to Auburn, the exact same regional tournament as FAM! At least we have a chance to redeem ourselves and end our season on a more positive note!

So now it looks like our season has not yet come to a close. We have spent the week practicing and talking about what we need to do to be successful this weekend in Alabama. From this point on everyone is 0-0. It is really anyone’s game. We are all excited and anticipating a great tournament for the weekend.

Go Noles!

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