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Teeing Off With Florida State’s Whitney Brummett

May 26, 2006

Florida State sophomore Whitney Brummett completed play in her first NCAA Championship on Friday and sat down with to discuss playing in the tournament, her sophomore season and what she is going to do to prepare for her junior season as a sophomore.

What was the highlight for you of playing in the NCAA Championship for the first time in your career?
I think it has been really neat to play against the teams from all over the country and see some different teams than we are used to seeing just on the east coast or the south. Now we are playing not only against the best teams close to home, but the best of the best teams from all over the country. It was really fun for me to get to play here in Columbus so my brother could come watch because I don’t get to see him very often.

What did you learn during the NCAA Championship that you feel can carry over to your game once this event is over?
I think the past four days I’ve been playing a little more conservatively than I normally would because of the difficult rough, so during the final day I played a little more aggressively because that is my game and that is when I can really shot a good score.

How have you improved your game this season and how much better are you this season as compared to your freshman season?
The one thing I have really improved upon this year is course management. I have hit fewer drivers this spring than ever before in my life. I used to just want to hit it as far as I could on every hole but now I have learned to plan better in order to avoid trouble.

What do you plan to work on this summer to get ready for your junior season?
I plan to work with my swing teacher just getting even more consistent ball striking. Most importantly, I need to continue to improve my short game and putting.

What are your plans – what tournaments are you going to play in – this summer?
I’m going to play in the US Amateur Qualifier and then hopefully the US Am, the Women’s Western, The
North-South Tournament at Pinehurst and then some local tournaments back in St. Louis. It’s going to be a busy summer but I feel that if I play a lot of golf I can improve heading into next season.

What does this team have to do to make it back to the NCAA Championship and improve on its placing next season?
I feel we need to build off of the successful spring that we had and continue to improve in all areas of our games. Most importantly, we need to build even more confidence so we know like we can compete with any team at any tournament.

What is your academic major at Florida State and what do you enjoy the most about your course of study?
My major is political science. I enjoy study political science because it is a topic I’m truly interested and it is relevant to my everyday life. I love the debating other people on different subjects and studying political science keeps me up to date on current affairs and what’s happening all over the world. might have political aspirations later in life.

When recruits come on campus at Florida State, what is the one thing you most like to tell them in convincing them to attend FSU?
Florida State University and our golf program are two things that are very easy to sell to recruits. Our facilities are second to none and we have all the resources that you could possibly need to become the best person and player you want to be. We have great people working for us in the athletic department who do their jobs well. They allow us to be the best students and best athletes we can be by giving us the best opportunities to be successful in every facet of our lives at Florida State.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the Florida State women’s golf team?
I enjoy the experience most when I or one of my teammates has reached a goal, played a really great round or had a personal best and their hard work has finally paid off.

What has been the quote of the year by a Seminole player or coach?
There are way too many to name but lately I always find of Caroline Westrup’s comments funny because she is still getting used to American culture and comes up with some things that could really make you laugh. Like when she asked me if I knew the Electric Slide and she referred to it as the “Boogie, Woogie, Woogie?”

Should Taylor and won the American Idol competition? If so, why? If not, who should have won?
Taylor definitely deserved to win. Week in and week out he did well and also he was on a different level performance-wise than the other contestants. He is a great performer and I love his dancing and his confidence. I thought it was really cool for him to win too because he was the oldest contestant and this was probably realistically one of his last chances to get a record deal. But in my dreams I think that I should have won.

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