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Ten Hot, Sizzling, Summer Questions With Seminole Basketball Player Michael Joiner

July 11, 2002

Seminole men’s basketball player Michael Joiner sat down with seminoles.com and talked about what he is doing this summer, Florida State’s brand new training facility and who he would most like to have dinner with as he answers ten hot, sizzling summer questions.

1. Last summer you were a counselor at a number of high profile camps. This summer, you worked Coach Hamilton’s camp and honed your game in Tallahassee. How have you improved your game by staying on campus?

“I am developing into a better basketball player this summer because my concentration has be on improving my physical and mental approach to the game. Our work in the weight room is getting my body stronger and my work on the court is helping me strengthen my mind. We are working out harder than we ever have in the weight room and I can feel myself getting stronger each day. Our strength and conditioning coach, Mike Bradley, has really helped me make tremendous strides in improving my strength. I feel that is an added boost for my game when I get on the court. In addition, the coaching staff is helping me improve many aspects of my game by letting me know of certain exercises I can do to improve my all-around game. I am really looking forward to getting on the court with our coaching staff in the fall”.

2. The Florida State basketball training facility is a beautiful building. How will the building benefit the players? What aspect of the building are you most looking forward to?

“Our new practice facility is beautiful and is one of the first of its kind in the nation. The players will benefit immediately from the increased access to court time it gives us. We will also benefit from the new building because it is for the basketball teams at Florida State and thus, we can use it whenever we can find a break in our academic schedule. We will have our own courts, our own rims and our own atmosphere in which to prepare ourselves for not only each season but each game during the season.”

3. What two people would you most want to have dinner with and why? What would you talk about?

“If I could invite two people to dinner, I would invite Pastor Mason Betha and Michael Jordan. I would invite Pastor Betha because of my religious ideals. I would like to discuss his reasons for choosing a life for God. I would like to have a meal with Michael Jordan so we could talk about the many aspects of the game of basketball I am intrigued about. I would like to ask him about basketball in so many different ways in order to gain a real appreciation of Michael, the man as well as the player.”

4. What do you enjoy most about playing college basketball?

“There are many things I enjoy about playing college basketball. The most enjoyable moment for me is looking in the crowd at our games and seeing my parents there to support my teammates and me. It puts a smile on my face to see my parents cheering for me. That is a very special feeling.”

Michael Joiner is one of the top players in the ACC entering the 2002-03 season.

5. Braids or no braids? Which do you prefer and why? How long does it take to do your entire head?

“That’s a hard question for me to answer. If this was a perfect world and we were not judged on appearance, I would chose to wear braids. But, this is not a perfect world; and I am going to begin wearing my hair without braids. I am going to switch to the no-braids because I feel it makes me look younger, and I feel faster and more fit without them. It takes about three hours for my hair to be braided because of all the styles my sister does for me.”

6. What does it feel like when you are in a zone and every shot is going in the basket for you? Do you feel you can score on your defender each time down the court? It doesn’t happen very often, but what goes through your mind when you just can’t get shots to fall? Do you just know you will break out of any slump?

“When I am in a zone and every shot is falling, I feel invincible. It does not matter who is guarding me when I get into a zone. At that point in time, I feel very confident about my game and myself. I feel like I am going to score on my defender each time down the court when I am in a zone. I have also learned how to deal with my mind and my game when my shots aren’t falling. I feel that I have matured on the court since my arrival at Florida State. When I used to be in a slump, I would pass up shots I knew I could make. I knew in my mind I could make the shot I was given, but the earlier misses forced me to pass up the shot. I am now more confident and comfortable with my game so it doesn’t really bother me when others say I might be in a slump. Being in a slump doesn’t bother me because I know I can play the game of basketball and nothing (not even the worst slumps) lasts forever.”

7. What is your all-time favorite movie and why? Who is you favorite actor or actress?

“My favorite movie of all time is Love and Basketball. The movie deals with basketball and the star of the movie, Omarr Epps. The movie also mirrors my high school career quite a bit. My favorite actor is Epps and my favorite actresses are Halle Berry and Jada Pinckett”

8. If we walked out to your truck right now, what C.D. would be in the stereo? Do you listen to music before games?

“In my stereo right now I have a Funkmaster Flex compilation with various artists. The song I most enjoy right now is “I’m Ready” by Cam’ron which I listen to before I work out. I enjoy R&B music the most, though I do listen to all types of music. I listen to various types of music before each game. Many times I will listen to Tupac, Cam’ron, Nelly and at times, gospel. I like to listen to music that has meaning and music that can motivate me to go out on the court relaxed, focused and ready to do my best.”

Michael Joiner will start for his third consecutive year during the upcoming season.

9. How many times have you watched a tape of last year’s victory over Duke?

“I have watched the game tape from our victory over Duke three or four times since the victory Jan. 6. I still have a chill and really enjoy having that feeling. I anticipate having that feeling more times during the upcoming season. In addition to watching the great wins we have had, I also watch the losses we have endured. I actually watch our losses more than our wins.”

10. Which superpower would you most like to have – the strength of 100 men, the ability to fly or the ability to be invisible?

“I would like to have the ability to fly. I feel I have the ability to accomplish so much with basketball, traveling and living a good life that I would like to have angelic powers which would allow me to enjoy some more wonderful life experiences.”

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