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Tennis Rookies Are Keepin’ It Real

April 19, 2007

What do think is the hardest part about playing tennis?
Brad: Competition because so many people are trying to make it and so few do. In golf, you can be 500 in the world and still make money. In tennis, if you’re 100 in the world, you’re barely making the cut. It’s just really different than other sports.

JY: I think it’s keeping your emotions in check because it’s so easy to let your emotions get out of control.

Which do you prefer: singles or doubles?
JY: I prefer singles just because I haven’t been volleying as well.

Brad: Honestly, I don’t prefer one over the other. I’ve always liked doubles, I’ve done pretty well, but singles is great too. It’s just tennis, either is fine.

Which reality TV show do you think you’d be good at?
JY: I wanted to try the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

Brad: I think I’m great singer so I would choose American Idol. Ytai (Abougzir) loves to listen to me sing all the time.

Ytai: No he’s pathetic.

JY: But he (Brad) tries.

Brad:No I try, I think I could be the next Sanjaya!

With tennis comes a lot of traveling. How do you balance school and tennis?
JY: Basically just use up whatever time you have. You learn to use the free time that you have and really you utilize it.

Brad: Yeah, it’s true. You don’t find yourself doing the things you use to, like watching TV or spending that much time on the computer, or trying to sing to American Idol.

JY: Because there is time if you just do it. I could sit here for two hours on the computer and I might get it done by one in the morning, but it could’ve been done earlier.

What is most memorable moment so far this season?
Brad: Florida was great because I think it was a good team effort. Also clinching the doubles point for the Florida match.

JY: Yeah Brad and I clinched the doubles point for the Florida game. For an individual moment, it would probably have to be when I beat Parbhu (Notre Dame) because it was the first time I ever thought of myself as someone who could beat guys at that level. He was 30 in the nation, 14 during preseason and he made a run in the NCAAs. Beating him just really gave me the confidence to play number two.

What memorable moments have you had off the court?
JY: Probably tonight when Brad tried to get a girl’s number at dinner at the restaurant. I thought that was pretty funny.

Brad: Our team is really tight nit so we all get along pretty well. Every trip has a lot of great experiences.

JY: L.A. was a good trip when we all went shopping, went to the beach out at Malibu for spring break. We got to see Pa-mela.

Is Pa-mela your dream date?
Brad: No, my dream date would have to be Jessica Alba. I don’t have to think about that question. That’s a question I can answer right away.

JY: The girl from The Notebook, Rachel McAdams. She is definitely my dream date, I love her, she is amazing. She like the kind of girl you want to marry.

What’s the biggest difference between juniors and collegiate tennis?
Brad: Nobody gives up. Earlier in the year, I thought I’d win matches because in juniors other players would just fold to you because of who you are and things you’ve done in the past. But in college, everybody fights so hard and never gives up.

JY: I think it’s the competition. I didn’t think college level was as high as it was. Especially people I knew in juniors downplayed college tennis and said it wasn’t that great and the players aren’t that good. But the consistency, especially on our team, whoever plays position six can play one, one can play six and they can both be successful.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge this week during the ACC tournament?

JY: I think if we maintain energy and stay together as a team and fight harder than ever, we should be fine.

Brad: Just staying healthy. We’ve got some guys injured right now like JY and Chris are hurt but once we all get healthy, we’ll be dangerous. Every ACC team is good, some aren’t as good as others, but it’s all pretty competitive now. I think we are ready to take on any team.

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