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The Arena So Nice, They Named It Twice

Nov. 1, 2000

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – On Thursday, November 2nd in a special ceremony, Florida State will dedicate the Tully Gym volleyball floor to Lucy McDaniel, the first woman in the state of Florida to donate more than one million dollars to a women’s athletics program. Beginning next season at volleyball matches, the facility will be known as the Lucy McDaniel Volleyball Arena at volleyball events in Tully Gymnasium, in honor of the wonderful gifts and support that McDaniel has provided to the Lady Seminole volleyball program and Florida State athletics.

“I am in my twenty-fifth year in college athletics and I have never heard of one individual making that large of a gift to one individual women’s sport,” head coach Cecile Reynaud said. “It has to be one of the first gifts like it in the country and hopefully, the beginning of many more gifts like it to women’s teams. The time is right for women that have been fortunate to make those kind of gifts, and when they do, you will see women’s programs make a big jump.”

McDaniel first gave $100,000 to endow a volleyball scholarship at Florida State and later designated another $50,000 so the team could play a European tour this past May. McDaniel wanted to do more, so she asked her accountant to run through her financial statements to see what she would be able to gift now and later in her will. When the accountant told her, she called Seminole Booster Planned Giving Director Joel Padgett to start the process.

“I’m truly grateful to Lucy for feeling that strongly about our program and I know when we announced it to our student athletes, they just don’t get how much money that is and how historic of a gift it is to women’s athletics,” Reynaud said. “When she first told me she was going to do it, I was typing on my computer and I caught myself saying, ok, put your work down and listen to this. Listen to this because this is a historical conversation you are having. Nationally, people are going to be very impressed. Hopefully, we can recognize her at national conventions for her leadership and generosity.”

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