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The Cheyenne On Display At The FSU Basketball Training Center

The Cheyenne On Display At The FSU Basketball Training Center

Dec. 17, 2003

Mr. Kirk began collecting radios, cars, and keys in the early 1950’s during his radio broadcasting career. His remarkable collection of radios was subsequently donated to Florida State University and is now on permanent display at the WFSU broadcasting studio on Pottsdamer Street in Tallahassee. It was one of those radios, a beautiful bronze, which sparked his interest in bronze sculptures and, subsequently, Frederick Remington’s world-renowned American West art.

Eventually, as Jim began to realize the beauty and scope of Frederick Remington sculptures, he set a goal to acquire one of each bronze sculpture produced by the artist. He met that goal by the time he retired from the radio business in Tallahassee. In moving to Ocala, he realized he no longer had space to display his vast collection and donated them, in their entirety to Florida State University, the Seminole Boosters, and the FSU Foundation. They are on display all over campus including the President’s office, the University Center Club, the Athletics Department, Seminole Boosters offices, and FSU Foundation offices.

The Cheyenne, on display at the new FSU Basketball Training Center, is a particularly noteworthy piece. Termed a jumbo sculpture, this Cheyenne replica was enlarged significantly from its original 21-inch high size. Few of these jumbo sculptures are in existence. The height of the Cheyenne at the FSU Basketball Training Center is 7 feet 5 inches tall from the ground, by 4 feet 2 inches long.

The inspiration for this bronze was created when Frederick Remington was offered the opportunity to go west, and accompany General Nelson A. Miles with a group of Indian Commissioners to the Cheyenne agency at Lame Deer in Montana. During this time Remington spent considerable time making notes and sketches of his favorite west and the Indians. In doing The Cheyenne bronze Remington was paying tribute to a fighting and fearless people.

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