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The Chris Hope Diary – Honor Of Being Named A Captain

Aug. 24, 2001

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    Chris Hope was named as one of four team captains along with linebacker Bradley Jennings, wide receiver Atrews Bell and fullback Chad Maeder at Friday’s annual kickoff luncheon. He stopped by for his Daily Drill with and spoke about the honor of being named captain, the end of two-a-day practices and who he thinks will be the surprise player for the Seminoles this season.

    What Does It Mean To You To Be Named Team Captain?

    It is a great honor to be named team captain of the Florida State football team. It was something that I didn’t really think about until Coach Bowden made the announcement at the Kickoff Luncheon. It made me feel very good that the coaches think highly enough of me to allow me the honor of being a captain of the team. Hopefully I can live up to the expectations of being a team captain. I also hadn’t really thought about the fact that this is my last season at Florida State. It just made me look forward to my senior season even more.

    What Are You Most Excited About Now That Two-A-Day Practices Are Over And Game Week Has Begun?

    It is a very exciting time for everybody on the football team. I hope that we can go through the next week with everyone staying healthy and adjusting to the start of classes on Monday. It is going to be a tough time for the younger guys because it is their first time dealing with classes and everything surrounding the beginning of the school year. They have to get used to the fact that they are now both college students and football players. Hopefully, everybody will stay focused and get ready to play Duke next Saturday.

    Entering The Season, The Senior Class Has To Shoulder Much More Responsibility For The Team’s Success. How Is the Senior Class Handling That Pressure?

    The senior class has been able to handle the added pressure very well in my opinion. It’s kind of funny that the senior leaders of this team are not big talkers myself, Atrews Bell, Robert Morgan. You don’t really hear that group of players talk too much. Hopefully we can continue to lead by example both on and off the field.

    What Will You Concentrate On In Friday Night’s Scrimmage?

    In Friday night’s scrimmage I will concentrate on many of the little things I need to do to keep improving my game. I will work on staying low, getting to the ball, braking on the ball, tackling and my angles when approaching a ball carrier. I feel that this is a very important scrimmage for the entire team and myself.

    When Did You, Or When Will You Begin To Concentrate On Duke?

    We have been concentrating on Duke during practice the last couple of days. We hadn’t watched any film on them yet but we have been working on some of their plays since the middle of this week. Tonight’s scrimmage is a game against Duke. The defense will play against the scout team who will be calling many of Duke’s plays. We will really begin concentrating on Duke Sunday with game week beginning after tomorrow’s practice.

    The Schedule Gives You A Couple Of Extra Hours Free Time On Saturday. What Will You Do With That Time?

    Hopefully I won’t be too tired so I would need to rest the entire time. I plan on taking care of a couple of things so I am ready for classes on Monday. I want to go out and buy small items that I may need, go grocery and school shopping so I am prepared to begin classes. Other than that I am going to get some rest and really begin to focus on the beginning of the season.

    Who Was The Most Improved Defensive Player On The Team During Two-A-Day Practices?

    I think the most improved defensive player was Leroy Smith. The biggest improvement I saw him make was that he knew every play was important and practiced that way throughout two-days. I think he realized one of the most important aspects of football is to finish each play. I saw him get beat a couple of times and come right back and make a great play. That’s evidence of him improving of a minor slip up in the previous play and learning from his mistakes. I also thought Abdul Howard and Generro Jackson improved a great deal along with Stanford Samuels.

    Who Will Be The Surprise Player For The Seminoles This Season?

    The surprise player for the Seminoles could very well be Craphonso Thorpe or Greg Jones. Because he is a young guy with a lot of ability, the surprise player has to be a player that not many people know about. He has to come in and play because a couple of our receivers are hurt. I think he is going to come in and give a good hand to the team.

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