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The Chris Hope Diary – My Prayers Go Out To The Families Who Lost Loved Ones

Sept. 14, 2001

Tallahassee, Fla. –
Florida State’s game against Georgia Tech, scheduled for Sept. 15, was postponed because of the horrible tragedies that beset the American people. Hope stopped by to tell about some of his feelings and those of his teammates in his Weekly Drill before a weekend without football.

What Are Your Thoughts About The Tragedy That Has Be felled The United States?

“I would first like to say my thoughts and prayers go to the families who lost loved ones in the horrible tragedy. It brought a number of things into focus that let us all know football is not something that should run your life. You can never know when your time might come. Hopefully, this will open up a lot of people’s eyes about what you should live for.”

What Has Been The Mood Of The Team After This Week’s Events?

“The mood of the team has been on the game of football and that’s where we tried to focus. We realized that a lot bigger and more important things are going on in the world. What is the real significance of a college football game between Florida State and Georgia Tech? What is the weight of that game as compared to what is happening nationally? We are not that important in the scheme of things.”

What Are Your Thoughts About Having Saturday’s Game Against Georgia Tech Postponed?

“At first I was thinking just like our coaching staff. I think our initial thought was to play the game. But when we all began to look at the bigger picture I thought we lost our focus because of what was going on in New York and Washington, D.C. We practiced all week, and practiced hard, but weren’t able to completely concentrate on the task at hand. We didn’t know whether we were going to play or not until Wednesday. I know that our coaching staff and the administration made the correct decision on postponing the game.”

What Will You Do On Saturday?

“On Saturday I am going to rest up a lot and try to heal my body from the bumps and bruises I have been feeling since the beginning of two-a day practices. I am going to do some things to relax – watch some television, spend time with my teammates and begin to get focused for North Carolina.”

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