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The Committee of Thirty

The Committee of Thirty

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The Committee of Thirty is made up of women and men committed to excellence in women’s athletics at Florida State University (FSU). With the help of the Seminole Boosters, the committee was formed in 1998, during the anniversary of 30 years of women’s intercollegiate athletics at FSU.

Committee members have a strong belief that athletic competition develops the finest human traits: leadership, determination, discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship. They also understand that an athletic program is the window through which the world views our university. A successful athletic program is essential to the school spirit of our students and alumni, and is essential to the growth of the academic mission of our university.

The Committee of Thirty was formed to help promote women’s athletics at FSU. They advise the Seminole Boosters, the FSU Athletic Department, and, as necessary, the University on matters relating to that promotion. The committee helps educate the public, and women in particular, on the history, value and status of women’s athletics at FSU. Through education and involvement, the committee intends to build a tradition of support and philanthropy to Florida State University women’s athletics.


Barbara Palmer (Chair)
Dr. Fran Cannon (Co-Chair)
Cassandra D. Jenkins (Communications Committee Chairperson)
Monica Lawfield (Finance Committee Chairperson)
Dr. Billie Jones (Special Events Committee Chairperson)
Michael Grantham (Scholarship Fundraiser)
Margaret S. Allesee
Sherrie Cartee
David Coburn
Emma R. Colquitt
Alice S. Englert
Dr. Daisy Flory
Bob James
Diane Kelley
Beth Langford
Cathy Lannon
Dr. Cappy Longstreth
Lucy McDaniel
Virginia Musick
Dr. Corrie Odom
Louise Putney
Bob Smith
Bette Sprague
Mary Ann Stiles
Harold Uzzell
Dr. Janet Wells
Dr. Marge Wessel

Ex-Officio Members:

Betsy Boone (Program Director)
Debbie Derzypolski (Capital Campaign Director)
Sue Hall (Executive Director Varsity Club)
Joel Padgett (Director of Gift Planning)
Kim Record (Senior Associate Athletics Director)
Dr. Margie Sullivan (Director of Sport Program Enhancement & Research)


The Committee of Thirty has hosted a series of special events and activities:

  • A celebration honoring 30 years of women’s intercollegiate athletics at FSU – October 1998

  • A spring festival for the dedication of the Soccer/Softball Complex – April 1999

  • “Champions Beyond the Game” Homecoming Brunch honoring former athletes and FSU “Grads Made Good” Dr. Charlotte West and Ms. Janet Stoner – October 1999

  • Women’s SportsFest 2000 – February 2000

  • A reception for supporters of FSU Women’s Basketball during the ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament (Greensboro, NC) – March 2000

  • Receptions for loyal supporters of FSU women’s athletics and former women athletes in Orlando, Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville.

  • “Champions Beyond the Game” Homecoming Brunch honoring General Norma Elaine Brown, F-Club member and former Air Force General: and Ms. Amy L. Snyder, former softball player and President and founder of General Insurance Concepts. – October 2000

    The Champions Beyond the Game program is designed to expose current FSU women athletes to former women athletes who have excelled in life after collegiate sports, as well as thank those who have made gifts to FSU women’s athletics.

    The Committee encourages you to support and help promote women’s athletics at FSU. If you would like to receive additional information about the Committee of Thirty, please contact Joel Padgett in the Seminole Boosters Office at (850) 644-3484.

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