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The ‘Dagny Diaries’ Volume 10

April 8, 2014

Florida State’s Dagny Brynjarsdottir is a junior midfielder on the Seminole women’s soccer team. Throughout the spring semester, Dagny will provide fans with an in depth look into the world of soccer both at Florida State and at the national level through her experiences with the Full Icelandic National Team. We hope you enjoy the `Dagny Diaries!’

Good morning from Israel everyone!

We traveled from Iceland at 5 a.m. on April 2nd and arrived in Israel just before midnight that day. We were pretty sleepy when we finally arrived as the time difference was making it a bit hard for us. Israel is seven hours ahead of Eastern Time in the U.S. We flew from Iceland to London and from London to Tel Aviv, which is the capital of Israel. We stayed at a hotel in Tel Aviv right next to the beach, which was very nice for us. This is my second time in Israel. I played there with the U-19 national team in 2009, so before this trip I knew what to expect from the country.

Israel is so much different than people usually think about. We only stayed there for three days so we could not really check out anything, but we had a jog by the beach once, which was a nice change for us. Our hotel was super nice; the food was amazing and our views from our rooms were incredible. We also had a pool on the top of the hotel where we could lay out for a few minutes in the sun.

The practice facilities were amazing and we could not ask for better fields to train on. It was sunny the whole time while we stayed in Israel, around 75 Fahrenheit and that made our whole team very happy. We had a lifeguard (or police officer) with us the whole time and we could not go anywhere without him to make sure we would be save.

We trained twice a day on the 3rd and 4th (of April) and then in the morning on game day. Our game was on April 5th at 8:30 p.m., which was pretty late. The game ended 1-0 in our favor. We probably had 20+ chances in front of the goal, but we could not finish our chances. I scored the game-winning goal in the 60th minute when my teammate played me a nice ball on the ground inside of the penalty box. It was a well-deserved win and three more points for us in our group.

Soon after the game ended we went back to the hotel to take a shower, pack our luggage and eat dinner at 11:30 p.m. There was no time for sleep that night because we were back on the road at 2 a.m. to start our travels to Malta.

From Israel, we flew to Munchen (Munich), Germany and then to Malta. We arrived at the hotel in Malta at 12:30 p.m. on the 6th, and we got the rest of the day off for ourselves. Some players’ lay by the pool and others had a little walk down town.

Everyone will be in bed early tonight and then our preparation for the Malta game starts when we have had a good night’s sleep. It is very important that we win this game and get three more points if we want to keep our dreams alive to qualify for the World Cup in 2015. Our game against Malta will be Thursday, April 10th. I will keep you updated on how the game goes next week!

Thanks for reading!

Dagny Brynjarsdottir

Here are some of my photos from Israel:

Dagny and her teammates at practice in Israel.


The team cools down after a practice in Israel.


Iceland takes its training to the beaches of Israel.


A view of the hotel grounds in Israel.


The Icelandic National Team waiting to board the plane in Israel.


A view of Israel from the hotel.


Another view of Israel from the hotel.


Dagny and her roommate at the hotel in Israel.

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