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The ‘Dagny Diaries’ Volume 5

March 5, 2014

Florida State’s Dagny Brynjarsdottir is a junior midfielder on the Seminole women’s soccer team. Throughout the spring semester, Dagny will provide fans with an in depth look into the world of soccer both at Florida State and at the national level through her experiences with the Full Icelandic National Team. We hope you enjoy the `Dagny Diaries!’

Good morning everyone!

It is crazy how the time flies by, as it is March already!

The Algarve Cup is coming up with my national team so I departed from Tallahassee on February 27th. The trip back home can be pretty long, but it took me 20 hours all in all which is normal, but it can take me up to 40 hours to travel back to the U.S. I almost missed my second flight because my first flight got delayed. Thank God I am an athlete because I had to sprint through the airport in Atlanta to catch my second flight. Yes, I was sweating a lot! I arrived in Iceland last Friday morning and was so happy that I made it on time because my first day at home was all planned out.

My boyfriend picked me up from the airport, which is a 100-minute drive from my hometown. It was so nice to see him, my family and my friends. I picked my nephews up from daycare and they were so surprised and happy to see me. I spent most of the day playing with them and hanging out with my boyfriend and my family. Friday night was a little different for me. My best friend is having a baby girl in April and I and the other girls in the friend group celebrated a surprise baby shower for her. It was so nice to see most of my best friends because all of us live in different towns these days so it can be hard to find a time where we can all come together.

I spent Saturday hanging out with my boyfriend and my family. My boyfriend and I helped my cousin make a soccer highlight video because she wants to go to college and play in the U.S. when she graduates from high school. Of course, I brought my older nephew with me on the field to play around while we were making the video. He is three years old and I am trying to influence him with soccer and it is working. I do not see him very often so I try to teach him a little bit every time I see him.

At noon on Sunday I had to go to the capital (Reykjavik), which is an hour from my house. I had practice with the national team were we played against a boys team. Afterwards, I went to visit my uncle to get a little extra treatment. He is the massage therapist for the men’s national team and while I was there he found out we were supposed to have the same flight to London the morning after. The men’s team is playing a friendly match in Wales while we are only connecting there as our final destination is Portugal.

I will play four games with my national team in Portugal at the Algarve Cup. The first game is against Germany on March 5th, the second game is against Norway on the 7th and the third game is against China on the 10th. Our fourth match will be played on the 12th and who we will play and where we are seated depends on how our first three games go. As you can see from the teams we will play, the Algarve Cup is a pretty challenging tournament, with Japan, USA, Sweden and Denmark in the other group.

This is my forth time playing in the Algarve Cup. I played there in 2010, 2011 and 2013. I was injured in 2012 so I could not go. The best finish for Iceland in this tournament was in 2011. We played against the USA for first place, but lost 4-2. I played about 10 minutes in that game.

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to check back to see how my games go this week in Portugal.

Dagny Brynjarsdottir

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