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The ‘Dagny Diaries’ Volume 6

March 11, 2014

Florida State’s Dagny Brynjarsdottir is a junior midfielder on the Seminole women’s soccer team. Throughout the spring semester, Dagny will provide fans with an in depth look into the world of soccer both at Florida State and at the national level through her experiences with the Full Icelandic National Team. We hope you enjoy the `Dagny Diaries!’

Good morning from Portugal everyone!

I am in Portugal with the Icelandic national team. We are playing in a friendly tournament called the Algarve Cup as I told you a little bit about in my blog last week. It was nice to see all my Icelandic teammates and coaches again, and to speak my native language all the time. This is my fourth time playing in the Algarve Cup and it would have been my fifth year, but I was injured in 2012 and therefore I could not go.

All in all, I think it is my eighth visit to Portugal. It is one of my favorite countries, especially for vacations, and I am always excited to visit this country again. The weather has been great the first five days here. Almost all of my teammates are sunburned, but I guess I am used to the sun seeing that I go to school at Florida State. I still have a few more days left in Portugal so hopefully I won’t get sunburned too!

We opened the tournament playing Germany on March 5th. They won the European Championship last summer so we knew the game was going to be tough for us. We lost 3-0 against them when we played them in the European Championship. This time, we lost 5-0. As you can see from the results, they were so much better than us, but I think we battled harder this time. They only had 11 shots on goal in this match, compared to last summer when they probably had 30+. I started the game and played about 70 minutes. Germany has a great team and how it looks like now, they will play the final game in the Algarve Cup.

Our second game was against Norway on March 7th. We also played against them last summer during the European Championship and that game ended 1-1. We knew going into this game that we would have to battle hard to beat them. We changed our formation and instead of dropping back, we played high pressure. This formation worked better for us and we scored on a set piece in the beginning of the second half. Later on, they were awarded a penalty kick that tied the game 1-1. Three minutes later, we scored the game-winning goal on a set piece again and I had the assist. The game ended 2-1, which is a pretty good result for us. I came off the bench this time and played 30 minutes, but was excited to contribute with an assist on the game-winning goal.

Our next game in our group will be against China. If we beat them, we will play in the third place match. This will be a tough game with two equal teams. I think I have played against China twice. All I remember is that we beat them once, and they beat us once, but to be honest I do not really know a lot about them.

I will keep you updated and tell you how my other two games in Portugal go next week! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Dagny Brynjarsdottir

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