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The ‘Dagny Diaries’ Volume 8

March 27, 2014

Florida State’s Dagny Brynjarsdottir is a junior midfielder on the Seminole women’s soccer team. Throughout the spring semester, Dagny will provide fans with an in depth look into the world of soccer both at Florida State and at the national level through her experiences with the Full Icelandic National Team. We hope you enjoy the `Dagny Diaries!’

Good morning everyone!

It was a pretty hard, no excuse me, challenging weekend for the Florida State soccer team. The Program staff members, Sam and Kelly, visited us for a little boot camp action. The mission for the weekend was “One team, one heartbeat”!

I have done boot camp in Iceland, but I have never experienced anything like I did this past weekend. It is a long time since someone influenced me that much and kept me this focused for so long as Sam and Kelly did. Their story was incredible, Sam as a former solider and Kelly as a former air force pilot.

We started the session in the classroom at 3:15 pm on Saturday. As soon as they walked in, we could tell how tough they were and they made it clear what our mission was and their rules for the weekend. Half of us started to get a little scared at this point. Next, we went on the soccer field. The program they put us through was both physically and mentally tough, and I am not lying, a few players broke into tears, but no one gave up. It was starting to get dark outside when the practice was over at 8pm. Our first day of training had come to an end and we were so happy we had a dinner waiting for us inside.

We were back in the locker room at 4:30 am on Sunday morning for day two of the session. When everyone arrived, we made the drive to the off campus swimming pool. The training was tough especially since pool exercises are new to all of us and not all of us are very good swimmers. Again, a few players broke into tears. But in case you were wondering, everyone made it and no one drowned even though many thought they were going to after a tough training session.

We were EXHAUSTED after the weekend, but at the same time this was so good for us as individuals and as a team. It taught us to become better leaders, work together as a team and help each other out, especially the players that wanted to give up. We learned that when we feel like we are so physically tired and do not have anything left, it is all mental. We just need to push through the pain and keep going. A teammate can help you there, because you can always give a little more of yourself when you hear that your teammates need you and they are cheering you on. It is easier to believe it when you can see it with your own eyes as we saw it this weekend.

We worked really hard this weekend and I am so happy we learned to embrace the challenges we will face for the upcoming season and how to fight to become champions. This is really going to help us in the fall to work toward our goal that we came so close in achieving last year. We passed the tests this weekend; now we know what we need to do to make it happen again!

I leave for Iceland again this week and then off to Israel and Malta to play in a couple of World Cup qualification games with my national team. I will keep you updated!

Dagny Brynjarsdottir

Here are some of the photos from our weekend boot camp:

The Seminole soccer team goes through boot camp training with The Program.


The Seminole soccer team goes through boot camp training with The Program.


The Seminole soccer team goes through boot camp training with The Program.

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