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The First 24 Hours In New Orleans

Jan. 3, 2000

NEW ORLEANS, La. – As the Florida State Seminoles prepared for their
second practice in the Superdome, site of the Nokia Sugar Bowl January 4th,
Seminole junior Ryan Sprague sat down and talked with the media. Sprague
will be starting at tight end when the Seminoles take the field against the
Virginia Tech Hokies for the national championship.

Q – Anything new about the Superdome since the last time you were here in

A – It looks nice, it’s different than in years past. It looks like they
have changed up the banners. The Nokia Sugar Bowl banners aligning the
stadium are different than the last time we were here. They look better,
much better colors.

Q – How was the first practice on Wednesday?

A – Practice went well yesterday, especially for the offense. For some
reason we are starting to do well against the defense. Usually, our defense
stops us but the past two practices we have been able to move the ball pretty
well and even score some too.

Q – What’s the mood going into today’s practice (Thursday’s 10 a.m. practice)?

A – Everyone is in a good mood because we thought we were going to have to
practice in full pads today and we found out this morning that we were only
going to have to wear shorts and our practice jersey, no shoulder pads.
Guys were playing jokes on each other on the bus, that’s why everyone is so
happy this morning.

Q –
How will you cope with playing on artificial turf for the first time this

A – I am wearing anything I can find to protect myself. I have elbow pads,
knee pads and I may even wear gloves, no, I think will tough it out with my
hands and not wear gloves. The turf that is painted is like falling on
gravel and since I fall a lot, I’m going to be ready. If you’re smart, you
wear something to protect yourself from scraping up your whole arm. I have
seen too many NFL games were guys scrape up their entire arms, I’ve learned
by watching them that you’ve got to wear something.

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