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The Hope Diary – Two-A-Day Practices Begin
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    Florida State’s All-America safety Chris Hope and his Seminole teammates completed the first of 11 days of two-a-day practices Saturday. Hope, an All-ACC second-team selection as a junior, stopped by after the morning session to share his thoughts with

    How Was The First Practice Of The Season And The Start Of Two-A-Days?

    The beginning of two-a-day practices wasn’t too tough today. It was a learning process were we all had to get the wrinkles and kinks out from not having practiced with a full team since the spring. We focused on practicing with our position coaches and worked on stances and ball drills. Our two-a-day practice schedule runs through August 23rdso we have a lot of work ahead of ourselves. It is very important we continue to improve individually and as a team throughout this period leading up to our first game against Duke on Sept.1.

    What Do You And Your Teammates Have To Look Forward To During The Remainder of Two-A-Days?

    Once you go through two-a days a couple of times you pretty much know how things are going to go. Also, once we get into pads and really get into the flow of practice, I feel they are easier to handle. During the first couple of days there is a great deal learning and watching film. Once you begin to compete and learn from past practices, time starts to go by quickly.

    How Was The Heat On The Practice Field Today?

    The heat today wasn’t too bad. This is my fourth time through two-a-day practices and I know how hot it can get in Tallahassee. The trainers did a good job of keeping us refreshed with water and we had two breaks from Coach Bowden.

    What Is Your Best Memory From Two-A-Day Practice Sessions During Your Career?

    My favorite memory from two-a-day practices is my first interception during my first scrimmage as a freshman. The interception came on a pass from Jared Jones and it was exciting for me. I will always remember that play. Other than that, two-a-days aren’t much fun and I am looking forward to when they end in a couple of weeks.

    My worst memory of two-a-days came last season when we had to run eight gassers after the completion of one of our scrimmages. A couple of guys didn’t make the set time, so we had to run eight more for free. That was a tough way to end the day after working so hard in the scrimmage.

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