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The Results Are In: Steve Fier Wins The Florida State Men’s Basketball Trivia Contest

July 1, 2004

Seminole fan Steve Fier was recently crowned the champion of the Seminole Trivia Contest. The contest took place throughout the 2004 men’s basketball season on seminoles.com with over 900 contestants submitting answers to 13 different sets of questions.

Fier finished slightly ahead of Jo Bowman with a total of 188 points for the 13 weeks of questions. He answered each of the 15 questions correctly during ten of the 13 contests. Bowman and Rob Todd finished with 184 points and 170 points, respectively.

May thanks to Seminole historian Bob Perrone who is a fountain of information on just about every student-athlete who has worn the garnet and golf and competed for Florida State.

Notes and Numbers from “How Well Do You Know The Seminoles?”
* Only three Seminole fans, Steve Fier, Jo Bowman and Bill “From Tampa” Swartzbaugh, submitted answers for all 13 contests.
* Steve Fier and Jo Bowman answered all five questions correctly in 10 of the 13 weeks to lead the more than 800 contestants.
* Bill “From Tampa” Swartzbaugh led the way as he answered 11of the 12 bonus questions asked during the season. Jo Bowman answered the bonus question in 10 of the 12 weeks and Fier was a close third with nine bonus questions answers.
*Many former Seminole players participated in the contest with Byron Wells finishing as the highest ranking of the Seminole basketball players.

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