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The Sarah File: Entry Eight

Nov. 15, 2004

Howdy –
It is so insane to think how fast this semester has gone by. We finished our last weekend of ACC play this past weekend with two wins over NC State and UNC. When I look back over the past few months I can’t help but smile, as I remember some of the things that have happened this season.

#1 Our first team meeting after the pool party at Todd’s house. We set our goals for the season as a team. I still remember where everyone was sitting. Todd laid out the expectations and challenged us to rise to the next level as a program. I also remember the queasy feeling in my stomach, a combination of nervousness and excitement for a new beginning.

#2 The training room was the popular place during pre – season. Blisters were being padded and the nagging injuries were dulled with as much medicine as we were able to ingest. We have a going count on how many toe nails we’ve lost as a team.

#3 The camping trip and preparation for the adventure. If one could have possible seen the amount of groceries we bought for two days! I will never forget when Todd announced our outing and the look of fear in Ashley Meyer’s eyes. She said, “I don’t do outdoors.” So very humorous. Let us not forget the broken down van, the campfire bonding, the extremely loud and annoying bird, the garlic salt eggs, the beginning of the phrase “ohhhh….noooooo” introduced by Cassie, and Todd flipping everyone over in their tubes as we floated down the river.

#4 The singing of the fight song before practice and games. Todd informed us that we were singing it incorrectly and printed the lyrics off for us. We liked our version better, so we kept singing it our way!

#5 The hurricane season was an experience for all of us non-Floridian people. WE wanted to milk it for all it was worth. Our lives were in danger, how in the world could we practice….. oh but we did…. Twice in one day! Funny to think about us drama queens!

#6 We were in the weight room and Cassie was stepping onto a box with weights, and she fell off…. It was hilarious!

#7 Everyone has had a time to bite the dust. Our new floor does not absorb sweat very well, so we often times would slip in our own sweat! The best was when Summer did it in a game and we watched game film and rewound it 100 times !

#8 Jess drew a mustache on Amanda’s face on the volleyball poster. Amanda got mad at her and ripped it up.

#9 Before games in the locker room we have free style rapping. We are looking for a record company to pick us up. Summer is a character when it comes to rhyme.

#10 Danielle lost one of her shoes in the middle of a point when we played Florida. She finished the point shoeless!

#11 Renee thinks that she can give directions by vibes – “vibe driving”, and it went insanely wrong in Maryland. We were almost to the capital, when we turned around and followed someone else.

#12 Todd always has a fresh pack of gum, and we think it is pretty funny to chew every single piece and then fold the wrapper back up and put it back, looking as if nothing changed. He then proceeds to pull a piece out to find it all gone! Jokes on him!

#13 Against Georgia Tech we were losing 26-29 and rallied back to win the game. This proved that we have the ability, it is all about our determination and execution.

#14 Kristen Rust receiving ACC recognition for her outstanding performances.

#15 Todd’s 200th win came against North Carolina. It was a great match, and a wonderful milestone in his career.

#16 The crazy cheering sideline we have is unmatched. We are always on the line judge, and often times louder than the opposing team’s fans. We have come up with some pretty interesting cheers.

#17 Lauren Walker taught us a dance to the Snoop Dog song. Man we are team with some rhythm.

#18 On road trips we eat a lot of pasta before matches, so the coaches bribe us, saying if we win we get red meat and chocolate cake! If not, cold pizza in the hotel room! Food is an issue for us.

#19 When we played UNC this past weekend, being the pranksters we are, we pulled Kirstine’s bra out and stuffed it with toilet paper and hung it out over the lockers, and then we sprayed all of Todd’s clothes with Victoria’s Secret perfume. He smelt so pretty!

#20 Cassie has introduced knitting on our team. You will see up to 3 different girls working on scarves on our away trips.

#21 Todd felt like he needed a little pay back for all our little pranks. So he called Amanda up this weekend in the hotel, and disguised his voice with a foreign accent, saying that he was a reporter and wanted to do an article on her. He asked her to meet him downstairs. So she wakes up from her nap and makes it down to the lobby to find, Todd sitting behind a newspaper. She asks him about the reporter, and he pulls out the accent to see the frustration on her face!

There has not been many moments that I have not spent with these girls and our coaches. For the past three and a half months I have spent almost every single day with them. Good and bad things have happened, but I have had such an amazing time. These people are absolutely phenomenal and what a blessing it has been to get to share so much with them. I just can’t believe how we are placed into peoples lives, and we leave impressions on each other’s hearts. We have put so much of ourselves into the game of volleyball that in turn we learned more about each other and ourselves. This may set the record for corniness! I just can’t really express how much these people mean to me!

We are at a point in the season, where games make or break us. We head into the ACC tournament with a goal of leaving with nothing less than an ACC Championship. I honestly believe that we are all on the same page, and that we will achieve this goal! It is going to be great!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. Thought for the day: Leave an impression!

God Bless, and Go Noles!

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