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The Sarah File: Entry Nine

Nov. 23, 2004

Howdy –
I’m a really big fan of fairy tales. I love the movies with the ridiculously impossible happy endings, the gorgeous prince charming who sweeps the princess off of her feet and they end up happily ever after. I was pretty confident that my happily ever after would occur this weekend with a conference championship ring fitting nicely on my finger. However, it turned out to be more of a nightmarish disappointment than a fairy tale. Our NCAA tournament hopes came to an abrupt halt with a second round loss to UNC. Disappointing is what defines the weekend: a frustrating loss to the Tar Heels on the volleyball court, and an upset to the despised University of Florida Gators on the football field. Seminole athletics just hit a box office all time low in the fairy tale movie department. I’m not so sure our championship dreams were in the fairy tale category, because they were very realistic. (I’ve doubted my prince charming theory a few times!) We were in the best situation: we had confidence in our step and we were presented with a great opportunity. Needless to say, we did not take advantage and now can only say what if……

With this bitter taste in my mouth, I have to ask myself, what happens next? Doesn’t the quote go something like everything happens for a reason? This is something that no one really wants to hear or believe at the time, but is so true. Learn from the past, so history doesn’t repeat itself, right?! It will definitely be used for motivation to work harder. My sophomore year in at Hereford (Texas) High School, my volleyball team lost in the regional semi-finals. I will never forget that night or that feeling, but what came from that night was determination and a focused effort to ensure that it would not happen again the following year. My teammates and I worked so hard during the spring and summer and we returned in the fall to win a state championship. So, lets just say, we’re setting our goals high for next year, and WE WILL make the preparations to attain our goals.

My mom and dad flew to Virginia to watch the ACC tournament. I am so glad that they were there. You know what I love about my parents? The feelings of security, confidence, and comfort they always seem to provide. It is extremely reassuring to hear their voices say “We are so proud of you.” It is funny because I don’t see them every day anymore, and I value the time we get to spend together so much. My mom and dad just make me feel so special. My mom will sometimes in the middle of a conversation, just stop, smile, and look at me straight in the eyes and say: “You are so beautiful.” Of course it is my mom, and no Prince Charming, but it just makes me melt. There is a lot of my parents in me. I have my Dad’s competitiveness, and love for inspirational quotes and scriptures. He has a signature to each quote. At the end, he always adds….. and study hard, or …. Have fun when you get the chance. I get the John Wooden quotes most often. Like I said before, my Dad is a basketball enthusiast! Ever since I was little, he has called me hot dog, and I still love to hear that! It is so neat to see how much my parents love each other and how they take care of each other. What a blessing and example they are in my life!

So, with our season coming to a close, we have four seniors leaving our program. There was nothing I wanted more, than to win for these girls. Four gifted athletes, but more importantly, four amazing people. It is so sad to think that their lockers will be occupied by other girls next year, and their personalities will not be part of our team make-up. When you spend so much time with people, and are together for a common goal, the end is never easy because they have become a part of your every day life. I love these girls, and wish them the very best of luck with their future endeavors. Thank you girls for all you have done for our team.

I am going to continue to write journal entries throughout the remainder of the year to keep ya’ll updated on what is going on with our team. If anyone has any questions or topics they want me to address, please email me. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

God Bless and Go Noles!

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