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Throwback Thursday: Penny Siqueiros

Jan. 30, 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – In honor of our 30th anniversary of playing fastpitch softball at Florida State, we will be showcasing numerous players this season from throughout Seminole history who have helped set the foundation for what the program is today.

Today’s selection is Penny Siqueiros. Senior catcher Celeste Gomez was able to talk to the former shortstop and current head coach at Emory about her time as a Seminole.

1. What years did you play softball for Florida State?
I played from 1988-1992.

2. What position?
My freshman year I played second base and right field. I played shortstop from my sophomore to senior year.

3. What was your favorite memory playing at Florida State?
If I can have two favorite memories that would be great. The first favorite memory would be in 1990 when we were playing in the NCAA Regionals at ULL, formally University of Southwestern Louisiana. We had approximately two fans from Florida State amongst their 1,600 Ragin’ Cajun fans. Their fans cheered so loudly after a player of theirs got a base hit that Debbie DeJohn could barely hear me talking to her in the pitchers circle. Being in a stadium where almost every person there was rooting against us was simply amazing. Then to turn around and come out of that regional championship to advance to the College World Series knowing how few of our fans and parents could attend was amazing. To compete in front of 1,600 fans during that time frame was almost unheard of.

An equally favorable memory is when we won our first game against Fresno State immediately following that Louisiana regional in the College World Series. It came down to Fresno having the bases loaded and we were up by one run in the bottom of the seventh with two outs. Their lefty slapper was up to bat and she could fly. The tying run on second base was Julie Smith, an All-American and Olympian softball player. I could feel at that moment with total confidence that Debbie was going to pitch a screwball for a strike on the 3-2 count. I also was 100% confident that the Fresno slapper was going to slap the ball in the 5-6 hole towards me. I was fully prepared and wanted that play in my hands. Sure enough once the pitch was released the ball chopped into the 5-6 hole. As soon as I touched it I had to get rid of it. As the ball sailed across the field toward our first baseman, out of the corner of my eye I could see Julie Smith rounding third base and going home which eventually would be the winning run if she scored. As the ball hit our first baseman’s glove, we all held our breath for a split-second waiting for the umpire to make the call, which seemed like an eternity. OUT! She’s out, she’s out, she’s out! We celebrated so hard and jumped so high that even our third baseman landed on my cleat and punctured a hole in between my big toe and my second toe with her cleat. We both looked at each other and asked if we were okay, we said we were and we kept hugging it out.

4. Did you have any superstitions?
Visor, visor, visor. I had to have something to hold back that huge `80s hair.

5. Where was your favorite place to play (outside of FSU)?
The University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Home of the roaring Ragin’ Cajuns.

6. What made you want to come to FSU?
Coach Graf sealed the deal. She was so easy to talk to – very honest, consistent, reliable, and I trusted her.

7. Did you have any embarrassing/funny moments on the field?
Yes, we wore maroon cleats when we played. One time my cleats split during the Florida State invitational tournament and we had no backup cleats. So in between games my mom and I dashed off to a local sporting store and the only cleats that they had were these bright white plastic cleats. When I came up to bat for the first time in the next game the announcer said, “Now coming up to bat, Penny `white shoes’ Siqueiros”. Everybody in the stands and both teams cracked up because no one could miss those big white clogs.

8. If you could go back in time, would you do anything different?
Not a darn thing. I absolutely have no regrets.

9. What is your favorite memory off the field with your teammates?
Lip-syncing to Anita Baker, perms that Lori Crouse would give me, spaghetti pie parties, and the fresh hot cookies at the FCA meetings!

“For our Throw-Back-Thursday I was honored to chat with Penny Siqueiros,” said Gomez. “It was so awesome to hear all the stories and memories she made when she was wearing the Garnet and Gold. She had so many funny stories that I know I will be telling others as well. And also “chill-bump moments” like when she was in the World Series.

“Our goal this year is to repeat Seminole history and make it to the Women’s College World Series. Then I can be like Penny and have memories to share to the future Garnet and Gold players on how we made it to the WCWS, just like others before our time. Talking to Penny makes me realize you only get so many years to wear the jersey, so make all the memories you can. My job as a Seminole is not only to make my team and coaches proud but to make the ones who wore the colors and jersey proud as well.”

Continue to check back to Seminoles.com throughout the season as we continue with the Throwback Thursday and Wayback Wednesday series.

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