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Thunderstorms And Lightning Force FSU Football Indoors Again

Aug. 30, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.Florida State football got practice underway on Thursday but the team was not outside for long. After making it through special teams work and some position drills, the offense moved to field one to face the scout team with crowd noise being piped in for the first time. That only lasted about a period though because a massive storm swept through Tallahassee. With lightning present in the area, the offense and defense split up. While the D watched film in the Moore Athletic Center, the offense went over and worked out in Tully Gym. The two units then switched. When the offense returned to Moore they spent some time walking through plays in the turf room. Florida State is expected to return to practice Thursday afternoon.




Junior Running Back Antone Smith
(on Clemson’s running back tandem of Spiller and Davis)
“I’m not really concerned about those two guys (Clemson’s C.J. Spiller and James Davis).  Those guys did what they did last year.  It’s my opportunity now being the featured guy to go out and do what I can do.  Obviously the difference between their team and our team last year was they had holes and we didn’t have too many holes out there.  I don’t take anything away from those two guys – they are great backs.  I’m just going to out and compete and how ever it turns out it turns out. 
(How motivated are you entering Monday’s game against Clemson?)
“Being that we had to split carries, me and Booker, last year the way it came out we lost.  Personal beliefs between us two we feel we did what we had to do out there last year.  The outcome was the outcome – we lost.”
(are you anxious to get out there on Monday?)
“I am basically ready to see how far this offense has come.  We know we have come far as far as in practice but in competition play we have not yet seen.  We came close with our defense and everything.  I’m very excited.  This game is going to set the tone for the rest of the season so we are very excited about how it is going to turn out. 
(how does Clemson look on film?)
“They are pretty good; they got a pretty good end and their linebackers are obviously pretty good, the secondary they come up and make tackles.  We just have to out and set the tone, do what we do best and just play ball hard.”
Senior Wide Receiver De’Cody Fagg
 (on what the receiver’s a doing differently this year?)
“We are just playing physical.  Helping out your team the best way you can is one thing we are doing whether we have the ball or don’t have the ball.  Just playing hard and playing physical – that’s the main thing especially on running plays.  He (coach Fisher) is always telling us to help out the running backs because we are going to need them to help us out in return whether is blocking for the quarterback or blocking downfield after we make a catch.  On running plays we go hard – we go real hard.  We just need to make a block to open up an end.  Once you open up the run the pass is going to always be there.  That’s one thing we are focusing on going into this game. 
(what is the new role of you as a receiver?)
“It didn’t really much change playing wise.  I just have to lead and play a bigger role out there.  That’s all.”

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