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Thursday’s Florida State Practice Report

Oct. 12, 2006


• The Seminoles practiced for 15 periods in shorts Thursday.

• Most of the practice was spend working against Duke scout teams.

• While working against the scout teams Drew Weatherford connected with Greg Carr, Chris Davis and Damon McDaniel for deep passes and Xavier Lee completed deep balls to De’Cody Fagg and Robert Hallback.


WR Greg Carr

(On chances of going to ACC Championship game)

“We know that our chances are still good. We just have to go out here and play Florida State football for the rest of these games. Then everything else will work itself out.”

(On route running)

“I feel like I can catch anything thrown my way no matter if it is coming through the middle, sidle line, no matter where it is at I can catch it. I just feel that I have to go out there and do that because I know that is what the coaches expect of me.”

(On his goals for the Duke game)

“I’m going to do what I do best and make best of all of the opportunities that I’m given.”

DB Myron Rolle

(On taking more of a leadership role)

“I can see becoming more of a leader in the secondary. I think that there are still some things that I need to improve on and I really want to get better. If there is anything that I know when a younger guy like Patrick Robinson, Ocuko Jenije or Anothony Leon gets outs there, then I’m will to offer that up.”

(On starting and being around the ball more)

“I have been breaking on the football a lot better. One thing that we are practicing out here during the week is getting to the football as fast as possible with 100 percent effort. I feel if you can do that you are going to make plays. You are going to break up passes, make interceptions and get tackles, which is what I have been able to do so far, I haven’t gotten an interception but hopefully that is coming too.”

(What is the key to being a playmaker at DB?)

“A lot of it starts during the week and how you prepare for the game. If you know there is a young quarterback who looks at his receiver the whole time then you are going to shade over there a little bit and cheat to that spot. I remember watching films on a guy like Terrell Buckley, he made a lot of plays because he was able to study teams’ tendencies and break on the football before it was even thrown.”

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