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Welcome to the FSU Secondary Ticket Marketplace

StubHub – the Official Fan to Fan ticket Marketplace of the Seminoles
The Seminoles’ secondary ticket market will now be located on StubHub — the Official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace of the Seminoles. This exciting new partnership with StubHub! will allow you more freedom in pricing, number of postings and will allow you to reach a broader audience than ever before!
By posting your tickets for sale through the FSU Ticket Marketplace portal, your tickets will appear for sale on stubhub.com.  This login process allows your tickets to be automatically verified and you will not be required to type in the barcodes of each ticket you sell.  This portal also allows for a quick view of your inventory to see what tickets you have sold, what tickets are posted to sell and what tickets you have not posted to sell.  
*Only season ticket holders can post their tickets on StubHub using the FSU Ticket Marketplace portal.  If you have single game tickets, 
• Seminole Ticket Office M-F 8:30am-5:00pm:
• Email: ticketoffice@seminoles.com
• Phone:  888-FSU-Nole

Reasons to SELL tickets via the Marketplace:

• Support FSU Athletics by making sure your seats are used.
• Sell your ticket with confidence on the FSU sponsored Ticket Marketplace.
• Receive a credit in the form of a refund for 85% of the sale price of the ticket.  Payments to seller issued directly from StubHub in a timely mannor once each sale is completed.
• You set the sale price!
• Hassle-free transaction. No need to mess with shipping tickets to a buyer.
All current Season Ticket Holders are automatically able to post their season tickets for sale and simply need to complete the one time registration process to activate their account. Click the Login/Register link below. Ticket Holders will need to have customer number and PIN to register the first time. If you do not have your customer number and/or PIN, or if you experience any difficulties while navigating the site, please call the Seminole Athletic Ticket Office at (850) 644-1830 or (888) FSU-Nole.

FSU Athletics Ticket Marketplace Basic Functions for Sellers

To Register Your Account –  This step must be done the first time you access the site this season – even if you have used the FSU Ticket Marketplace in the past.  All accounts are reset each season.  Be sure to have your FSU Ticket Office customer number and PIN handy.  Contact the ticket office at 888-FSU-NOLE or ticketoffice@seminoles.com if you don not have this information.
• My Inventory – displays tickets you have available to sell as well as the status of any tickets that you have posted for sale.
• My Market – links you to your account on stubhub to show you the tickets you have online for sale.  Allows you to edit your posting, including deleting your posting if you want to remove your unsold items from the listing.
Sales History – links you to your stubhub account to show your history.
• Buy Items – takes you to the “Market View” with a full list of tickets that are currently posted for sale. If you have posted tickets for sale, your tickets will appear in bold and will not have the “Buy” button next to them.
• Messages – displays any messages from the Ticket Marketplace site, such as a game reminder or purchase confirmation.
• Profile – takes you to the “My Profile” page, where you can view your personal account information.
• Logout – Click here to log out of your account (recommended each time you leave Ticket Marketplace).