February 8, 2006 - by
Tiffany & Brittany’s Crib

Feb. 8, 2006



 This is Brittany and Tifany’s CRIB!!!


                                              Brittany sports a Tan Pathfinder


   Tif sports a 2004 Wal-Mart Bike



                                           Here is their spacious living room


Here is the kitchen. smells good


                                                                This is Tiffany’s room
a lovely shade of blue


    And her closet. 
     What a brilliant shirt


                                        This is Brittany’s Room. What space




  What a Breeze



                                                      Let’s see what they
                                                                       have in the fridge



 This is where Miff lives, a hamster mansion


                                   The rabbit Ice-Man in his play pin



 Here are the pond turtles

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