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Tight End Wants To Know What All The Confusing Women Of The World Really Think

Dec. 14, 2003

2003 Florida State Football Questionnaire
Name: Matt Henshaw
Position: Tight End
Major: Criminology
Birthday: March 17, 1983
Year In School: Red shirt Sophomore

Anything from Po Boys

Mint Chocolate Chip

A Man Apart

2, I do them myself

Silver Slipper

2 weeks ago, my girlfriend

Fiji – to get away from everything

Play lacrosse

Getting my pants pulled down while someone was talking to me in high school

the trumpet – because my dad played it

The Big House – because it’s HUGE

I don’t listen to any songs


My bed

EB Games

Hear what women think, because women are very confusing


The Program

Funny, carefree, and a smart aleck

People who smoke


Playing in the Sugar Bowl

4 dogs – Rambo, Whiskey, Tyson, and Sandy

Owning my own real estate agency

Capone, King Tut, and Genghis Khan

John Elway

Theory and Practice of Football

Failing my parents

Play video games

Keeping everyone happy all the time

I build Lego’s religiously

Myth Busters


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