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Torstein’s Thoughts From Williamsburg

May 29, 2007

Seminole senior Torstein Nevestad and his teammates begin play Wednesday morning at the NCAA Men’s Golf Championship tournament Wednesday at the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club in Williamsburg, Va. Nevestad will give Florida State fans his hole-by-hole thoughts of the complete Seminole experience as he logs on with Torstein’s Thoughts From Williamsburg during the week-long experience.

“Today we had a 12 o’clock tee time for our first practice round so all the guys enjoyed sleeping in a little bit after having the alarm clock set at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. The trip from Tallahassee to Atlanta to Norfolk to Williamsburg went well and without and problems. I think Jonas and I fell asleep before the plane took off on both of our flights yesterday and did not wake up until we touched ground. That’s not news when it comes to Jonas because he has the ability to fall asleep anywhere and anytime. Jonas and I are roommates and that involves me keeping a club by the bed that I can hit him with when he starts snoring too loudly.

“Our practice round went by pretty fast today. We were all seeing the course for the first time. It’s a fairly demanding golf course where accuracy off the tee is very important. It’s an old golf course that has been improved and re-done in the last couple of years. The fairways are pretty tight in spots and they have grown some rough for the tournament. The greens are small and undulating, but not too fast yet. We expect them to get a little faster as the week goes on but as of right now they are at a comfortable speed if not a little on the slow side. It’s a course that you have to think yourself around and that fits our team well. I think we all feel comfortable with the golf course. We have one more practice round to get a good game plan together before our early morning tee time on to begin the tournament Wednesday.

“We are staying right across the road from the golf course so that is very convenient. Everything is walking distance and we have already had a little time to discover Williamsburg. Tonight is the opening ceremony so that will be good time for us to catch up with some our friends from other teams that we don’t see much. Bed time will probably follow shortly after that because we are getting up at 5:00 am tomorrow.”

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