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Tropical Storm Fay Batters FSU During 20 Period Practice

Aug. 22, 2008

Tallahassee, FL – Earlier today the FSU football team ate lunch with well over 1,000 fans at the 57th Annual Kick-Off Luncheon. Later in the day the team was practicing in the middle of torrential rains and high winds as tropical storm Fay continued to make its way through the Florida panhandle. The Seminoles practiced for 20 periods in shells on the turf field in what Head Coach Bobby Bowden called the worst weather conditions for a practice in his memory.




·          Tony Carter (defense), Benjamin Lampkin (special teams) and Antone Smith were named team captains by the coaching staff. Permanent team captains will be elected at the end of the season by the players.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“We practiced today in weather and I don’t think we have ever had a practice like this where we went out and worked in that kind of weather.  It usually drives you inside.  But we felt like with no lightning we had better take advantage of it.  As naturally, it was sloppy.  The kids had a hard time catching the ball; had a hard time throwing it but they did well under the circumstances.  Their enthusiasm was good and they had a lot a spirit.  We felt like we were able to save a practice.” 


On the naming of the team captains:

“The captains – Ben Lampkin for special teams, Antone Smith for offense and then Tony Carter for defense – they were selected by the offensive staff, the defensive staff and the special teams staff.  They have done a real good job up to this point and we thought they would be very worthy captains.  They have all done a good job and I ‘m sure that was a consideration when the coaches picked them,”


TE Coach James Coley:

On why they practiced in the rain:

“You get an opportunity where there is no lightning and you got to play through the elements. We’re in Florida, I’m sure we’re gonna have several games when we have bad weather. We’re gonna have to overcome certain situations and we’ve got to get good at that: wet balls and bad ground. You’ve got to take advantage of the weather sometimes. I’m not saying when it’s good, you got to take advantage of when it’s bad so you can work through those drills if not, they’ll fumble snaps, they’ll fumble hand offs. When they play only when it’s dry, they don’t know what it feels like, they know what it feels like now.”


Quarterback Christian Ponder:

On how practice was today:

“Offensively it was a tough day today. “


On competition between quarterbacks:

“Today I stayed out of it completely. It’s tough. There is a huge competition going on right now. It stinks I have to sit out a couple of days, but I’d rather be healthy instead of hurting myself. I just have to bounce back and try to get over this. If it’s fine tomorrow, ill probably go tomorrow.”


On how he feels on his competition level:

“Ya I feel pretty good. I don’t think I have done as well as I should of because my arm has been holding me back a little bit. So far I have done as much as I can, but hopefully when I get back I can put a little more effort into it.”


Defensive End Benjamin Lampkin:

On getting a scholarship:

“I wasn’t really too surprised. I was happy but kept it to myself.”


Who he told first:

“I told my parents. They were happy for me”


How this week has been for him:

“The team captain blindsided me more. I didn’t expect it. There are a lot of players that play on special teams that would probably be more deserving of team captain, but the coaches chose me. I was just really shocked”


Did you find out in like a team meeting or something?

“Some of the players found out and they came and told me. Coach Allen then came up to me and told me about it.”


When he first got here, did he have any offers or was it always your dream to play here?

No I didn’t have any other offers. I just always wanted to play at Florida State so I just walked on. I went to try-out and played and have worked my way up.”


On how practice was today:

“It was a little bit windy. It was a little bit wet. It’s not too bad. We have to practice in this kind of weather because in a game situation this may happen where it’s windy. They put us out there to see how we would adjust to the situation.”


Are you guys a better team in the rain since when you started:

“Oh ya because I see a lot of unity on both sides of the ball. Everyone is improving. Each position is improving. Defensive ends are getting better take-offs, past rush moves and running better. Offensive receivers are catching the ball. The quarterbacks are making really good decisions with the ball. I think overall we are a better football team.”



Cornerback Tony Carter:

 On being named captain:

“I wouldn’t say it was a surprise. This is something that I have been wanting to do. It’s been one of my goals to eventually become one of the leaders of the team.”


On Lampkin:

“If it was me, it would be the best week of my life. Those are the guys I look up to. I came in and was recruited, but people who weren’t and make it, those are the ones you look up to. Not only in football but later on in life, you look up to them because he worked his way up from the bottom and he earned his spot on the team. Just to be on scholarship is big, but to be a captain is even bigger.”

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