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Tulane vs. Florida – Postgame Quotes

May 30, 2008



(opening statement)

“We played as close to a complete game today as we could play. We had real good starting pitching and pitched really well out of the bullpen. Except for one play, we played really well defensively. We had a lot of quality at bat, a lot of good RBI situations there in the sixth where we capitalized and I thought our short game today was really special and had a lot to do with the win.”

(on team’s mentality)

“We’ve got so much history in this thing, not just our teams, but other teams. You come out of the conference tournament and maybe you don’t play as well as you think you should and you don’t finish as good as you think you should but when you get to the regional, you start over again. The only thing that was concerning me in that respect was Florida was very similar to us. We were 1-2 in our tournament, they were 1-2 in their tournament but in 2004 we went 0-2, lost four of our last five, were 0-2 in our tournament and then won three straight in the regional and next thing you know, we’re in the final 16. We’ve only played one game here so it was really one of our more complete games. I think we came in with a real good frame of mind and you can see, we were playing aggressively and we executed well. Again, in the NCAA Tournament, everyone starts fresh. Once you get in there, the body of work that you show for three and a half months gets you in and neither team is going to get in as an at-large unless you’ve had a good year and that’s what we try to reflect on this week is we had a good year.”

P Nick Pepitone

(on relieving starting pitcher Shooter Hunt)

“I came in behind Shooter Hunt, one of the greater starting pitchers in college baseball right now. A great team like Florida got on a little bit, I went out to the mound and Shooter gave me some words of encouragement. He told me to keep them where they were and our team would be able to continue to get on their pitchers and we’d be fine. I just had to keep it close and that would be the only job.”

LF Scott Powell

(on UF’s four-run inning and team’s feeling toward)

“We basically were trying to overcome that one inning where they put up four runs. We said, let’s not get down on ourselves, let’s stay positive, let’s stay confident in our approach. As far as staying confident, it helped us be successful.”



(opening statement)

“First of all, you’ve got to tip your cap to their club. They came back at the end. In the seventh inning they did what they needed to do. I thought we had a great game plan against (Shooter) Hunt, drove the pitch-count up. Hunt hung around in there and we kept going up in the game to keep us around and we put a four-spot up in the sixth but we just couldn’t hold it.”

2B Jon Townsend

(on two-run HR)

“Well, the at bat before that, I left a run stranded on second base and he struck me out with a fast ball so I knew going into that at bat I had to work off-speed and prior to the at bat, Coach O’Sullivan said look for the curve ball, he might do something and he did so I let it go. He gave me a fast ball and I think it was a ball, actually, the one that I hit so I tried to take as short of a swing as I possibly could to get the ball into the outfield. Luckily, it jumped off pretty well.”

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