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Tully Gym

Tully Gymnasium


Tully Gymnasium has been home to Florida State volleyball for many years. Overall, the friendly confines of the gymnasium have made the Seminoles one of the powerhouse programs in the Atlantic Coast Conference, as they have accumulated a record of 450-146 (.755) at home since the start of the 1972 season as they enter the 2016 campaign.

Since the arrival of head coach Chris Poole in 2008 the Seminoles have dominated their opponents at Tully Gym, posting a 101-12 (.894 winning pct.) mark as the 2016 season gets underway. That includes a 37-match overall winning (42 vs. ACC opponents) that stretched from a Sept. 7, 2013 win over No. 16 Western Kentucky to a setback against No. 22 Louisville on Nov. 15, 2015. 

The facility, constructed in 1956, was named for the late Robert Henry (Bobby) Tully, a 1952 FSU graduate and football player. Active on campus, Tully was a member of Gold Key, ODK, the Arnold Air Society and Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He died in May of 1954 after battling illness.  With a capacity of 1,162, the gymnasium has undergone several renovations in recent years. Prior to the 2004 season, the playing floor was replaced with a new state-of-the-art Nike Shox floor. New lighting was added before the 1999 season. Most recently in 2011, locker room renovations occurred to add to the facility’s appeal. Tully Gymnasium also features new arena-style padded  seating with armrests which were installed to create a more comfortable atmosphere for Seminole fans while watching Florida State volleyball.

On November 2, 2000 in a special ceremony, Florida State dedicated the floor of Tully Gymnasium to Lucy McDaniel, the first woman in the state of Florida to donate more than one million dollars to a women’s athletic program.

The facility became known as the Lucy McDaniel Volleyball Court at Tully Gymnasium prior to the 2001 season, in honor of the wonderful gifts and support that McDaniel has provided to the Lady Seminole volleyball program and Florida State athletics.

The dedication ceremony included an address from former Athletic Director Dave Hart, Jr., as well as an appearance by former University President and Florida State volleyball fan, Sandy D’Alemberte. Former head coach Dr. Cecile Reynaud said a few words regarding the magnificent gift, which was followed by a touching tribute by FSU volleyball players Kristin Frye and Martha Hamilton. Frye presented McDaniel with a ball signed by all the players followed by poem written by Hamilton about the relationship of the 2000 squad with McDaniel.

McDaniel first gave $100,000 to endow volleyball scholarships at Florida State and later donated another $50,000 so the team could take a European tour in May of 2000. McDaniel wanted to do more, she asked her accountant to run through her financial statements to see what she would be able to give now and later in her will. After gathering the information from her accountant, she called Seminole Boosters’ Planned Giving Director Joel Padgett and started the process.

Tully Gym All-Time Record

Season Home Record Head Coach
1972 3-2 Linda Warren
1973 8-0 Billie Jones
1974 4-1 Billie Jones
1975 8-0 Billie Jones
1976 4-3 Cecile Reynaud
1977 2-1 Cecile Reynaud
1978 4-2 Cecile Reynaud
1979 12-2 Cecile Reynaud
1980 9-0 Cecile Reynaud
1981 20-4 Cecile Reynaud
1982 13-6 Cecile Reynaud
1983 5-1 Cecile Reynaud
1984 11-9 Cecile Reynaud
1985 9-7 Cecile Reynaud
1986 11-3 Cecile Reynaud
1987 10-3 Cecile Reynaud
1988 10-3 Cecile Reynaud
1989 13-1 Cecile Reynaud
1990 15-1 Cecile Reynaud
1991 8-8 Cecile Reynaud
1992 12-2 Cecile Reynaud
1993 15-3 Cecile Reynaud
1994 12-6 Cecile Reynaud
1995 6-8 Cecile Reynaud
1996 9-6 Cecile Reynaud
1997 13-3 Cecile Reynaud
1998 14-1 Cecile Reynaud
1999 6-12 Cecile Reynaud
2000 15-5 Cecile Reynaud
2001 9-3 Cecile Reynaud
2002 12-2 Todd Kress
2003 10-5 Todd Kress
2004 11-5 Todd Kress
2005 7-8 Todd Kress
2006 9-6 Todd Kress
2007 10-2 Todd Kress
2008 11-5 Chris Poole
2009 14-1 Chris Poole
2010 11-4 Chris Poole
2011 12-0 Chris Poole
2012 12-0 Chris Poole
2013 12-1 Chris Poole
2014 17-0 Chris Poole
2015 13-1 Chris Poole

Tully Gymnasium Driving Directions


FROM: Interstate 10 – Westbound – Exit 209A

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  • Head southeast on Exit 209A toward Mahan Dr/SR-10 W/US-90 W
  • Merge onto Mahan Dr/SR-10 W/US-90 W, Continue to follow SR-10 W/US-90 W 
  • Continue to follow SR-10 W/US-90 W
  • Turn left at Bryan St 
  • Continue on Stadium Dr W 
  • Turn left at Spirit Way

FROM: Interstate 10 – Eastbound – Exit 196

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  • Head east on Exit 196
  • Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Regional Airport/SR-263 S and merge onto Capital Circle NW/SR-263 S
  • Turn left at SR-10 E/W Tennessee St/US-90 E
  • Turn right on Stadium Dr
  • Turn left at Spirit Way


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  • Head southeast on US-90/Veteran’s Memorial Hwy toward S McArthur St
  • Continue to follow US-90
  • Turn right at Bryan St
  • Continue on Stadium Dr W
  • Turn left at Spirit Way

FROM: Route 319 (Thomasville Rd.)

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  • Head southwest on SR-61 S/Thomasville Rd/US-319 S toward Rhea Rd
    Continue to follow SR-61 S
  • Turn right at SR-10 / E Tennessee St / US-90
  • Turn left at Bryan St
  • Continue on Stadium Dr W
  • Turn left at Spirit Way

FROM: Airport

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  • Head west on Capital Circle SW/SR-263 toward General Aviation
  • Turn right at Blountstown HWY /W Pensacola St / SR-20 E / SR-366E
  • Slight right at W Pensacola St / SR-366 E
  • Turn left at Stadium Dr W
  • Turn right at Spirit Way

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