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Twitter Q&A: Clint Trickett

Sept. 28, 2011

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Welcome to a new weekly feature here on a Twitter Q&A with a Florida State football player.

Each week (on Tuesdays or Wednesdays depending on player availability), I will send out a tweet asking my followers to send me back a question for the particular student-athlete on that day. If you don’t already, be sure to follow me at @BrandonMellor on Twitter.

First up is backup quarterback Clint Trickett, who started the first game of his career last weekend at Clemson and played masterfully. Trickett finished the game against the Tigers with 336 yards passing and three touchdowns. He currently ranks fourth in the entire nation in passing efficiency with a mark of 182.56 and is the only freshman ranked in the top 49 in the category.

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Before we get started, though, let me say that the majority of the questions I received today were about Trickett’s weight — or lack thereof. At 180 pounds, FSU’s redshirt freshman signal-caller isn’t the same intimidating figure as starter EJ Manuel, who weighs in at 245 pounds. The general consensus is that fans worry Trickett’s lack of size makes him more susceptible to injury.

Well, fear not because Trickett addressed his size today when speaking with the media.

Trickett said Wednesday that he has Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that prevents the proper absorption in the body of foods that contain gluten. SInce determining that he has the condition, Trickett has changed his diet and is starting to gain weight steadily.

Now that we have that question put to rest, let’s get to your other Twitter inquiries.

@xlnole asked, “How do you stay so cool under pressure?”

Trickett: “It’s all an act. I am just trying to show it for my guys so they have confidence in me. But you know, underneath I am just as nervous as you would think I would be.”

@troutalpha asked, “Clint, you seem to do well rolling out of the pocket- is that something Coach Fisher will let you do more of?”

Trickett: “Definitely if it’s there. We have to go with what the defense is giving us and if me rolling out and moving the pocket will help us be successful then we will continue to do that.”

Clint Trickett answered Twitter questions for Wednesday afternoon.

@mike7009 asked, “How many progressions are you going through? All or is it simplified for you?”

Trickett: Coach Fisher gives me freedom to go through all the reads. We don’t really simplify anything. We didn’t last year with EJ when he came in for Christian. Coach Fisher hash’t done that with me this year. We all practice like we are the starters so it’s the same come gametime no matter who is in there.”

@shanemjohns asked, “Has there been a struggle with sensing pressure from the ends and the timing of releasing the ball?”

Trickett: “When I slowly got into the game against ULM and Charleston Southern and the Oklahoma, you adjust to it and get used to them being bigger and faster coming off the ends and getting better as we played better teams. To a certain extent it’s tough to face the speed of a defense but when you go up against some of the best defensive ends in the country everyday at practice like we have here it makes it that much easier and I haven’t had too much of a problem with it in games.”

@Bullsfan101 asked, “What’s it like playing with your dad watching right behind you?”

Trickett: “That doesn’t affect me. I don;t think of him like that out on the field; I think of him as Coach [Rick] Trickett. Whenever something good happens I will look over at him and he will give me a smile and we will have a very brief special moment. But that’s about it.”

**I received a lot of great questions, so thanks for the response. If your question didn’t get asked this time, be sure to stay tuned next week for another opportunity to pose a question for an FSU football player.

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