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Two-A-Day Practices Wrapped Up Thursday Night For FSU Football

Aug. 21, 2008

Tallahassee, FL – The third of three two-a-days is in the books for the Florida State football team. The squad completed its final two-a-day practice a couple hours ahead of schedule due to impending bad weather. The team practiced for 18 periods in full pads. Tomorrow the entire 2008 Seminole team will be at the Kick-Off Luncheon at the Donald L. Tucker Center.





·          E.J. Manuel connected with Josh Dobbie twice, one of the passes was deep. D’Vontrey Richardson hit Bert Reed and Corey Eddinger connected with Chase Walker.



·          Tony Carter and Korey Mangum broke up passes. Drew Weatherford connected with Jarmon Fortson and Greg Carr. He also hit Corey Surrency deep. Eddinger went deep to Rod Owens and connected with him on another pass. Richardson found Surrency as well and then had the highlight completion of the day. The sophomore QB threw a ball up to Fortson in the endzone that the true freshman stuck up one hand and pulled the ball in over his head.



·          Mister Alexander had a tackle for loss and Brown had a huge hit on a tackle for loss. Antone Smith turned in a nice run.



·          Terrance Parks all broke up passes. Manuel connected with Surrency, Eddinger also hit Surrency and Parker while Richardson found Cameron Wade, Timothy Orange and he also went deep to Rod Owens.



·          Weatherford had a nice drill hitting Carr, Parker, Josh Dobbie, Caz Piurowski, Owens and Brandon Paul on a deep TD. Richardson had completions to Parker, Bert Reed and Fortson.



·          This was the Everette Brown drill. The defensive end broke into the backfield on a Reed run and totally disrupted the play but to Reed’s credit he got out of trouble and turned it into a long gain before Myron Rolle knocked the ball out at the end. Brown disrupted a second play in the back field, had a sack and then got to the QB on a pitch out just as the QB was pitching the ball to cause a fumble. Jamie Robinson had a fumble recovery on a separate play, Kendrick Stewart had a QB hurry, Nigel Carr recorded a tackle for loss on a screen, Patrick Robinson broke up a pass and Carr and Nigel Bradham both recorded QB pressures.

·          Offensively Weatherford hit Smith short and the senior had a nice run after the catch. Weatherford also connected with Carr, Surrency and Wade. Richardson had completions to Surrency, Owens and Reed.


11-on-11 (red Zone)

·          Weatherford hit Carr at the goal line and the senior receiver was sandwiched by two tacklers but broke free to score the TD. Fortson also caught a TD from Weatherford. Richardson completed a pass to Louis Givens. Defensively Kevin McNeil had a QB pressure, Paul Griffin had a sack and Benjamin Lampkin blew up a play in the back field. He got in 1-on-1 with Richardson on a designed run. The defensive end, who was recently awarded a scholarship, did not allow Richardson to get past him and then chased him down for the sack.


Goal Line

·          Watson and Smith stood up Marcus Sims from the three. Sims then got in from the one. Richardson hit Surratt for a TD from the three and the final play ended with Sims getting stopped at the goal line and with Lampkin forcing a fumble as the full back tried to plow through the pile.






·          E.J. Manuel connected with Louis Givens and Antone Smith. Jamie Robinson, Myron Rolle and Dekoda Watson broke up passes and Vince Williams had a big hit.


Oklahoma (3-on-3)

·          Pat Davis had a nice run through the gauntlet and Carlton Jones broke an Everette Brown tackle to get through. Kendrick Stewart, Emmanuel Dunbar, Budd Thacker and Benjamin Lampkin had tackles at the first level. Kendall Smith, Recardo Wright, Nigel Bradham and Dekoda Watson had stops as did Rolle.



·          Smith had three big runs and Sims had a couple as well. Derek Nicholson had two tackles for loss and Rolle, Stewart and Brown also made stops behind the line. Nigel Carr had a nice stop and Kendall Smith, Stewart and Kevin McNeil all had fumble recoveries.


Pass Rush

·          Rodney Hudson, Rhonne Sanderson and A.J. Ganguzza all won two battles and Brandon Davis and Zebrie Sanders also won match-ups. For the defense McNeil, Stewart, Moses McCray and Emmanuel Dunbar had multiple sacks. Brown, Everett Dawkins and Markus White also got to the QB.



·          Terrance Parks, Ochuko Jenije and A.J. Alexander. Weatherford completed deep passes to Corey Surrency and Greg Carr as well as completions to Parker and Jarmon Fortson. Richardson found Fortson as well on top of Parker and Timothy Orange.



·          The highlight of the drill was Weatherford’s deep TD pass to Carr on a great double move by the senior receiver. Weatherford also had completions to Parker and a couple to Fortson. Richardson connected with Fortson and Piurowski. The only break-up was recorded by Jenije.


7-on-7 Red Zone

·          Derek Nicholson and Roosevelt Lawson recorded pass break-ups. Weatherford hooked-up on a TD with Parker from the 20 yard line and also had TD strikes to Piurowski and Carr. Richardson had a TD pass to Jones and Louis Givens made a diving TD catch on a Richardson throw.



·          Richardson hit Bert Reed deep and also completed passes to Fortson and Carr. Weatherford and Parker connected on a TD down the seam and also had a deep connection as well. Weatherford’s other two completions went to Surrency. The second Surrency catch finished with the big receiver pushing a DB off of him with one arm. Defensively Darius McClure had a big hit on Sims, Michael Ray Garvin broke up a pass and Brown, Watson and Dawkins all had sacks.


Goal Line

·          The first play was run from the three and a bad pitch out ended that scoring chance. Nicholson took it upon himself to blow up the next play as he met Joe Surratt in the hole and kept the fullback from scoring. Sims finished the practice with TD runs from the three and the one.




Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“I think our offensive line in coming around.  Nobody is where we want them to be yet.  It seems like our offensive line is doing better than I thought with all of our inexperience in there.  The pass protection has been better than I thought.  Today we had a short yardage scrimmage and I thought the offense did a pretty good job on that instead of getting stuck.  They were getting their short yardage pretty decently. 


“It seems like our secondary is playing better; seems like their coverage is better.  A guy that had a good day was (Corey) Surrency.  He made several great catches and some excellent runs after the catch.  I think some of our catching has probably been the highlight of our drills so far.  Catching has been pretty good.  The quarterbacks are coming.  They’re coming.  They are making some strides.  They are doing some things right now that I don’t think they were able to do a year ago.  That does not mean anybody has accomplished but they are making strides and that is the only thing we can ask for right now.” 


Which players are getting most of the repetitions at running back?

“We worked (Marcus) Simms there some to give us a third made.  No. 30 (Pat Davis), a walk-on, gives us a pretty good look in there and of course (Tavares) Pressley is back now but he’s having to learn – he’s watching a lot.  He has to go through the acclimation which means two days shorts, two days shells then full pads.  Tomorrow he’ll be able to go in shells and get a little contact.” 


Have you been impressed with Marcus Sims?

“He’s running better than he did a year ago.  He’s running better with more authority than he had a year ago.  He’s bigger than you realize; he’s 232 pounds   He don’t look that big but he’s big.” 


Are you glad Tavares Pressley is finally in camp?

“Yea sure I am.  We have a ball game in two and a half weeks.  We have to get these guys in playing shape.  Anybody we sign we thinks is good enough to help us.  I’ve got to see him do it.”


On the approaching storm – might Saturday’s scrimmage be changed?

“I’m not sure.  I sure hope we can do it.  We’re not pressed so much for time.  I would think we would probably do it Monday.”


On Corey Surrency – does he remind you of Javon Walker?

“The styles are entirely different.  But the effect could be the same.  Wide receiver and running backs – running back I think is the easiest position to learn because that’s natural ability.  You can’t teach a kid to run – he can either run or he can’t run.  Receiver is very much the same thing except they have to learn the routes.  They do have the best chance of playing early.  They do in my opinion have the best chance of playing early as a receiver and a running back.”


Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

On what he looked at in Tavares Pressley:

“One thing, if you watch, he (Tavares Pressley) had good balance first of all, he had the ability to run with power and was very physical. He’s body quick and made them miss. The other thing I love is he had good hands. But then the other thing is to bring back a lot of long touchdowns in a good junior college league, guys that could run. I was very pleased about everything he had.”


On when he would like to have a quarterback named:

“You would like to have it relatively quick with some things, but again let’s see who separates. If they don’t, then we’ll have to go from there and make a decision on what we have to do.”


DT Budd Thacker:

On having Everett Dawkins being moved to DT:

“Well, getting Everett over there is going to be a lot of help because we need some depth there. Getting him over there, he’s still got a lot to learn but he’s got good feet and good hands. I’m looking forward to watching him play.”


On how the freshmen are learning:
”Well they are just naturally talented. They have good hips, good feet, good hands. It just comes naturally talented to come in and compete and that’s what we need. We need to guys to be able to compete and get things done.”


On Jeremy Jonson also known as the “Mini-Bar”:

“He’s like the little Rudy at Florida State. I’m hoping we can get him up on one of these teams in the beginning. I’m gonna beg (defensive line coach) Odell (Haggins) to let him get in one little play. He’s like a little bowling ball rolling around the field.”


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