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Volleyball Q & A

Sept. 16, 2011

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1. What is your favorite part about being a Seminole student-athlete?

My favorite part about being a Seminole student-athlete is getting the best of both worlds. Being only a student is already amazing in a school like FSU but also being a student-athlete, I can do what I love and get my degree at the same time. Also being an athlete, we can always be remembered for our achievements decades later.

2. What is your typical routine before a match?

I do not have a routine before games but I always try to put on my same hair tie! It is my good luck charm I guess.

3. Do you have any nicknames from the team? If so, how did they originate?

On the team they call me Fat or Fauti most of the times. I do not know how they originated but I like my nicknames.

4. Since coming to FSU in 2009, what has been your most memorable match?

I have two games in my mind that mean a lot to me since I came to FSU. One of them is the Kentucky game when we won in five and became an Elite Eight team in 2009. The other is the Duke game in the same year, when we won our ACC championship. I remember every second of these two games like it happened yesterday!

5. What is the most played song on your iPod, and why do you like that song so much?

The most played song on my iPod is Cobra Starship’s “You Make me Feel Good.” There is something with this song that makes me want to dance every time I hear it. I promise I am not the best dancer in the world!

6. What motto do you live by?

Whenever I feel down, or whenever something bad happens, I say to myself if I am still alive I will find my way out of this situation. It is nothing special but always makes me realize everything becomes better if you do not overthink.

7. Finish this sentence: 10 years from now, I hope to be …

A nutritionist/chef of my own cafe where I will serve only healthy food. Thanks Reid 🙂


1. Finish this sentence: When I found out we were playing Miami on ESPNU, I …

I was shocked/surprised. This game is going to be big and Miami is going to be great competition for us.

2. Who is the biggest jokester on the team? What makes this person so funny?

Visnja is the biggest jokster on the team. She’s always making people laugh with her jokes.

3. What is one thing you love most about Tallahassee?

The one thing I love the most is the college atmosphere. It’s crazy how many people here support Nole athletics.

4. Describe how you started getting into volleyball?

I have been playing volleyball since I was in the fourth grade. However, I only played club for two years. Volleyball was always fun because it is a totally different atmosphere from basketball. I excelled in both sports very well with my height and they both became a huge and great part of my life that I will never forget. Right now I’m pursuing volleyball to the fullest and I hope to play basketball again too.

5. What type of music do you listen to before a big match?

I listen to music with beats. My boyfriend got me into Waka Flocka and that’s definitely one of the people I listen too.

6. Have you gotten into any shows lately? If so, which shows?

I love True Blood! I watch it online everytime it comes out! I also have gotten into Pretty Little Liars. The actresses’ personalities remind me of my group of friends back home! Shout-out! I miss you guys so much Tara, Nika, Mari and Misty!

7. What are your pet peeves?

The biggest thing is cleaning up the trash after you eat something.

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