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W.I.L.D. / R.E.A.L

Aug. 15, 2010

W.I.L.D. Women are entering the “real world” equipped with the knowledge and expertise they need to be successful leaders. The three-phase program graduated its first class of W.I.L.D Women this spring, and is looking forward to continuing the new-found tradition each semester. Lead by Brandi Stuart, Assistant Athletic Director of Student Services, W.I.L.D. Women emphasize personal growth, and develops leadership potential in female student-athletes. This first class graduated seven young women, all of which were graduating seniors or Master’s students. These young ladies developed their leadership and personal development skills by meeting on a weekly basis for the past three semesters to discuss and explore various aspects of leadership and personal development.

As Phase III welcomed the first class to complete all three phases, this marked the first time in history that there were participants in each phase of the program. Each phase of W.I.L.D. Women builds on the next, allowing the young women to mature as individuals and as leaders. Phase I focused on character building, effective communication, relationship building, and personal goal setting. The focus of Phase II fosters personal growth. The topics addressed in this phase include time management, specific goal setting, journal writing and reflection, discovering strengths, and personal finance. The goal for Phase II is for the students to have a greater understanding about themselves and their potential to help others. Phase III continued to promote personal growth, with an emphasis on community involvement and preparing for life after college. Topics addressed in this phase include mentoring, career development, branding, personal reflection, personal finances, and transitioning from being a student to entering the “real world”. Upon the completion of the program, many W.I.L.D. Women expressed their gratitude for a program that allows them to grow in so many dimensions of their life. As Caila Coleman stated, “W.I.L.D. Women helped me look within myself and find strength that I had pressed down for so long. I was able to see the other young ladies around me grow and struggle as I did. I had the support system within W.I.L.D. Women…I loved every minute!”

This was an exciting and groundbreaking year for W.I.L.D. Women, and there is sure to be more to come. CONGRATULATIONS to the 2010 W.I.L.D. Women graduation class:

Brianna Barry

Melanie Cabassol

Caila Coleman

Valerie Flournoy

Audrey Hand

Jamie Kuhn

Anna Rynarzewska


R.E.A.L. Men 

Additionally, R.E.A.L. Men (Reliable Educated Approachable Leaders) finished its first semester programming this past Spring and is looking forward to more to come. This is the first leadership program for male student-athletes at Florida State University and everyone was excited! Marlon Dechausay, Academic Coordinator, and Harlis Meaders, Associate Head Track and Field Coach founded R.E.A.L. Men in the Fall 2009 with the mission to help transition these young men into leaders. Marlon Dechausay stated, “The opportunity to lead a program for male student-athletes was warranted. We were looking for an opportunity to mentor and give back to student-athletes; to aid in their growth as leaders, and as men.” The R.E.A.L. Men met every week to discuss effective communication, goals setting and values. Their primary focus this semester dealt with real life situations that affect men on a daily basis.

Upon the completion of the semester, the men gathered for dinner to reflect on what they have learned from the program and each other. The young men expressed their gratitude for the program and are all looking forward to another semester of an exciting educational experience. The success of this program is promising, and a new tradition has begun… R.E.A.L. Men are on their way!