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Walker Thankful For A Mother’s Love
As senior defensive end DeMarcus Walker gets ready to play his final game at Doak Campbell Stadium, we asked him what he would say to his mother, Cynthia, after four years at Florida State. Here is his answer:
Thank you for always supporting me, always trying to find a way to come see me. Whether getting a ride, renting a car, you’ve always been there for me.
You always kept my head up, especially when times didn’t go the way I wanted them to – whether when I was younger and wasn’t playing as much, or, later, after losses. I hate losing. I don’t really know how to deal with losses. And you always know the right things to say to me.
I always can cry on your shoulder. Big as I am, I still cry on your shoulder. Because you know how to lift me up.
You’re everything. You’re the only girl in this world that knows me best. I don’t have to be with you, and people still know you’re my mom because we look just alike. We’re just so alike. There’s so many similarities. My friends say we sit on the couch the same.
From the nine months that you carried me, and then, growing up, doing your best to keep food on the table and a roof over our head.
I wasn’t really aware of all the sacrifices you made until I got older. But struggles are the best time in life. Even though, in the moment, you don’t know how you’re going to get by. It’s the memories that we still talk about and laugh about now.
It’s been a long time. Twenty-two years flew by very fast. I just never thought this time would come – to be where I’m at, about to graduate from college and pursue an NFL career.
You’ve got my high school diploma in the living room. Now, you’re going to have my FSU degree.
A Jacksonville native, DeMarcus Walker is scheduled to graduate in December with a degree in social sciences.
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