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Walking Up The Fairway With Florida State Men’s Golfer Seath Lauer

May 7, 2007

Between qualifying for the U.S. Amateur and playing in the NCAA Regional Championship during the second week in May, Seminole freshman golfer Seath Lauer sat down with to discuss everything from his parents to renting movies to his love for snow skiing.

What Are The Greatest Moments Of Your Life?

“The greatest moments of my life have been that my parents and grand parents are able to make it to many of my golf tournaments and watch me play. Those moments are very important to me because everyone is not as fortunate as I am for their parents to make it to many of their events. I am grateful for their support because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Who Was Your Role Model As You Were Growing Up?
“My role model was Tiger Woods. He would be my superhero because he is who I believe has made golf what its all about to this point in my career.”

If You Could Have Any Superpower, What Would It Be And Why?
“The superpower I would like to have is the ability to fly. When you just look up in the sky and see birds just flying so gracefully it looks like something you could really enjoy if you were able to do it.”

Now Do You Get Pumped Up Before A Round?
“Before a round I like to listen to music. Listening to music has been my thing before any sporting event I have ever played. The best thing about listening to music is that you can listen to any kind of music depending on your mood so it can either calm you down and relax you or get you fired up and ready to go.”

When Things Are Going Bad In A Round, What Do You Do To Turn It Around?
“What I normally do is quickly look forward to what I have left in the round and set a goal for the rest of the tournament. I feel the need to do everything I can do to get my score back in relation to par. I challenge myself in every aspect of my game and work on playing the best golf I can play.”

Do You Consider Yourself To Be Clean Or Messy?
“I am a very clean person. I like things to be neat and organized the best they possibly can be.”

If We Searched Through Your DVD Collection We Would Find…?
“I don’t really have a DVD collection because I always just rent movies. If I did have a DVD collection you would find all the sport movies — anything from a baseball movie to a basketball movie — and you would find every movie there is about cars, because sports and cars are my hobbies.”

I Can’t live Without My…?
“I can’t live without my cell phone. I like staying in touch with people and my cell phone makes that communication so much easier and very convenient.”

The best thing about Tallahassee is…?
“The best thing about Tallahassee is our school and our athletic programs. We always have things to do for entertainment and those things are only possible because of our great school that best athletes from across the world that go to school and excel in athletics at Florida State.”

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? Why?
“I would have to say the mountains. I say that only because one of my favorite things to do is to snow ski and the landscape is just incredible.”

Do you prefer flip flops or sneakers? Why?
“I prefer flip flops without a doubt — they are the easiest thing to just slip on and go.”

Are you better at Xbox or Playstation?
“Neither. When I was growing up I hardly ever played any video games. Give me nice weather and I’m outside all day.”

Are you a city or a country boy? Why?
“I’d have to say I am a city boy now – but believe it or not I lived about 12 years of my life on a small farm so there is some Indiana country boy in me.”

Do you prefer reality TV or sitcoms? Why?
“I don’t’ want much television. I wouldn’t last through sitcoms so it has got to be Reality TV.”

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