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Walter’s Hidden Talent Revealed

Dec. 4, 2007

Carolin Walter, a senior on the women’s tennis team, has many talents other than just tennis. One of the biggest ones that surprised everybody last year during one of the tournaments is her ability to play piano.

One day, as the team was waiting on one of the team members to come down from the hotel room to the lobby and head out to dinner, Carolin found a piano in the lobby and sat down in front of it. At first, everybody thought she was joking but then she started to play. At this point the team and the coaches realized that it was not a joke. A usually hungry team didn’t want to leave the lobby. This is how beautiful and skillful she played.

However, if not the hard work she put into mastering her musical skills, talent alone wouldn’t be enough. Carolin, growing up in Germany was encouraged by her grandmother to take piano lessons.

“When I was younger, I was really interested in learning how to play the piano. I like to listen to the music since today. Finally, my grandmother bought me a nice white piano for my sixth birthday. From than on, and with the entry to elementary school, I started enrolling in a music school and I had piano lessons once a week. I stopped playing and having lessons when I was 17. I just did not have the time anymore, with playing tennis and my high school graduation was coming up as well,” Walter said.

Walter enjoys playing piano and sometimes she even regrets she stopped taking lessons but her real passion is tennis. This is why she decided to go to the United States to play tennis and pursue her educational goals. She spent her first two years playing for Baylor but then transferred to Florida State. Now, she is happy she made this decision because she loves her experience at FSU.

“My experience so far has been really good. I do not regret my decision of coming to FSU until today. The qualities that made me come here are still the same and they would make me transfer to FSU again,” Walter stated.

Transferring is never easy. It a difficult adjustment: different program, different people but Walter says that her team and the environment made it much easier. She says that not only her teammates but also coaches were there for her to help her grow as a person and a tennis player making the transition easier. She knows that she can always count on them.

“I think my relationship to both the team and the coaches is good. We all respect each other and it is good for me to know that they are there in case I need help or support. I could go to either one of them and talk about every problem. They are all very open-minded and always available in case I need somebody to listen to,” Walter said.

For the nearest future she hopes to be able to help the team to make this year the most successful for the tennis program. Not only because she wants to do it for herself but mainly because of the team.

“Spring semester 2008 will actually be my last spring semester in my college career. I really want to perform well, personally and with the team. We already had an awesome spring 2007 and created history. I would be proud to be a part of history again this year. Therefore, I need to give 100% possible, support the team where I can and win my matches, so that we can even climb higher in the rankings than we did the year before. It would also be nice to win an ACC championship in my senior year. Everything will consider hard work and not come easy, but I think we are capable of doing it,” Walter said.

After her last match will be played, she plans to get her MBA/starts career in business. Walter knows that her experience at FSU taught her such qualities like teamwork, ethics, support of her teammates and desire to achieve more than what an average person achieves.

“After graduation, I want to start entering the working and business life. Therefore, I am already looking for jobs or internships,” Walter said.

Moreover, she has been engaged to Bennedict Dorsh “for years” so she hopes that ones she is done with school and tennis her fiancé and her will finally set a date. But first things first:

“The nearest future for me and the team is the Spring Semester 2008 – the main tennis season of the year. I know we are capable of making it big,” Walter added.

By teammate Ania Rynarzewska.

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