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Weekly Chat With Antwuan Dixon

Feb. 13, 2002

Antwuan Dixon and the Florida State men’s basketball team are enjoying a needed week off before traveling to play at North Carolina Sunday. Dixon stopped by to tell seminoles.com what he would be doing with his time off, what superhero he would like to be and why he wears jersey No. 4.

Why Do You Wear The Sleeve While You Play?

“The sleeve is something I wear to prevent swelling in my elbow from an injury I suffered earlier this season. It is a preventive sleeve to help me keep my shooting elbow from getting bumped and bruised throughout the course of games and practices. When my elbows swell up, I lose a little bit of mobility in my shot.”

What It Is Like Playing For Coach Robinson?

“Playing for coach Robinson is a great experience for me each and every day I step on the court with him. It is a tremendous learning experience. He recruited me out of high school and I as his first signee at Florida State University. He has done a fantastic job of preparing me for life after basketball as well as for life on the basketball court. He helps me advance and enhance my future both on and off the court each day.”

Are You Superstitious And Do You Have Any Special Things You Do Before A Game?

“I wouldn’t say that I am superstitious. The only thing I do before each game is to say a prayer.”

As You Close Out Your College Career, What Do You Feel You Will Miss Most About Florida State University?

“The thing I will miss most is the atmosphere of the Florida State campus and the chance to spend time with people who care so much about me as a person.”

When You Aren’t On The Court Or Preparing For Classes, What Do You Enjoy Doing In Your Spare Time?

“When I am not on the court playing or practicing basketball, I like to relax and enjoy life. I enjoy just sitting back, watching television and spending time with my friends. Our schedules as student-athletes can get kind of hectic with classes, practices, games and traveling to play games. You need time to sit back, relax and be one with yourself.”

What Is Your Favorite Place On The Florida State Campus? Why?

“My favorite place on the Florida State campus is the Moore Center where our locker room, our practice gym and our weight room is located. I spend the majority of my time in the building whether it is working out with our team or working out on my own. It is a great place to spend time with my teammates and visit the people in the department of athletics who have helped me throughout my career.”

Is There Any Significance To Your Wearing The No. 4 Jersey?

“I have worn two numbers during my basketball career four and five. The first number I ever wore was five and after that I wore No. 4 throughout middle school. When I got to high school, my cousin (who was already a member of the team) was already wearing No. 4 so I went back to No. 5. When I arrived at Florida State, No. 4 was not being worn, so I went back to that. One of the main reasons I wear the No. 4 is for my cousin who I looked up to and patterned my game after while I was growing up.”

If You Were A Super-Hero, Who Would You Be? Why?

“If I were a super-hero, I would be Superman because he does it all and that is what I strive to do each day, both in my personal life and on the basketball court. Superman speaks for himself he is the best. He can do anything. He can save the world and that is an action that speaks for itself.

Do You Have A Personal Motto? If So, What Might It Be?

“My personal motto would be, ‘never give in and never quit.'” I always think about that when times are rough I run into a hurdle that I am not sure that I can get over or accomplish. It’s just something I like to pattern my life after because I am not a quitter and I am going to continue to keep fighting and trying hard to accomplish what I want to accomplish.”

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