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What’s In Your Bag With Malin Jansson

April 16, 2013

Malin Jansson is rounding out her career in fine fashion as the Seminoles begin postseason play at the ACC Championships April 19-21. She has been one of Florida State’s top golfers since transferring to become a Seminole from Western Carolina in 2011. She sat down with semioles.com during her preparation for ACC’s a talked about her favorite club (her 8 iron), what she writes inside of her yardage book before each round and her most memorable shot.

What is your favorite club and why?
My 8 iron is my favorite club. I always hit this club close to the pin.

You can carry 14 clubs in your bag. What is your system for how you fill your bag with different types of clubs?
I sort my clubs in order of highest to lowest, in groups of three for my irons, my two woods are together and then my putter and driver are together.

What type of ball do you use (more carry, less spin, etc.) and how do you mark them for each round? Does the mark have any significant meaning? How long have you been marking your golf balls that way?
I play with the Titleist Pro V1. I always mark the ball with three dots right next to the number of the ball. I have marked the ball this way since as long as I can remember, but I don’t really know how it started. I prefer to mark it with black dots but occasionally I sometimes do them pink.

What have you put on the outside of your bag as decorations?
Right now I do not have any outside decorations on my bag.

Do you carry anything inside of your bag for good luck? How long have you carried that particular item? Where did you get it? Who did you get it from?
I do not have anything inside my bag for good luck, however I always write an inspiring saying inside of yardage book for very round.

How long have you been playing with the set of clubs that are in your bag right now?
I have played with these clubs for two years now.

How do you mark your golf balls on the green? Do you carry a specific coin? Marker?
I always mark the ball with a quarter. Every time I pick it up to place my ball I turn it sideways before putting in my pocket.

What is your career low round score? Where and when did you achieve it?
My career low round is -4, which I shot two summers ago and gave me a second place finish on the Swedish tour.

Do you have any career holes-in-one?
Not yet! Still a work in progress.

What is your most memorable shot?
One of my most memorable shots was during a match play in Sweden. The girl I played against and I were tied coming in to the last hole and the girl hit the green while I hit in the bunker. I knew that I had to hit it close to the pin to have a chance of at least tie with her and make us play more holes. It was a high bunker shot where the pin was close to the edge of the bunker, so I did not have a lot of green to work with. The girl had about a 20 ft for birdie. I hit a beautiful bunker shot which went in the hole and the girl two putted, which lead me to win the hole and also the total match! Great memory!

What is your most favorite course?
I really like Harbor Town golf links at Hilton head island. It has a great layout and beautiful nature around the course. The U-shaped green with a bunker in the middle on number 9 makes it even better.

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