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What’s In Your Bag With Mary Beth Ramsay

April 12, 2013

Mary Beth Ramsay has certainly saved her best for her final semester as a member of the Florida State women’s golf team. She has played in nearly as many tournament this season as she played in during the first three years of her career. As Ramsay prepares for graduation ceremonies in early May, she sat down with seminoles.com about how she arranges her clubs in her bag, what she carries for good luck and how she marks her golf balls.

What is your favorite club and why?
My Callaway 7-heavenwood. I can hit it a lot of different ways and I’ve had it since I was about 10 years old. Very few clubs can stand against new technology and still be better.

You can carry 14 clubs in your bag. What is your system for how you fill your bag with different types of clubs?
Bottom to top is short game to long game. My driver and woods are in the top of my bag and putter and wedges are on the bottom while my irons are in between.

What type of ball do you use (more carry, less spin, etc.) and how do you mark them for each round? Does the mark have any significant meaning? How long have you been marking your golf balls that way?
I carry a Titleist ProV1 with a Seminole head and a standard black dot on it. In my last tournament in Jacksonville (Marsh Landing Invitational) I marked my golf balls with a wind swirl and a heart to remind me of Olivia Hullert — one of my teammates.

What have you put on the outside of your bag as decorations?
There are ribbons on my golf bag and some bag tags from tournaments I played in last summer.

Do you carry anything inside of your bag for good luck? How long have you carried that particular item? Where did you get it? Who did you get it from?
I have a note my mom sent me freshman year inside my bag. All it says is that she and my dad are thinking of me and that they love me. It’s really worn out, bent and it has gotten wet a few times from rain but it means a lot to me because it reminds me to keep my head up because I represent more than just myself.

How long have you been playing with the set of clubs that are in your bag right now?
Since the spring semester of 2010.

How do you mark your golf balls on the green? Do you carry a specific coin? Marker?
With a quarter or a Canadian toonie. I usually carry around a pocketful of coins that I’ve found or have decided have some sort of luck associated with them.

Do you have any career holes-in-one?
I do not. Yet.

What is your most memorable shot?
I have many memorable shots, but probably when I eagled from the fairway while playing with one of my best friends in a best ball tournament. It was represented a fun summer of golf and good times.

What is your favorite course?
Orange Tree in Orlando and North Country Golf Club in Rouses Pointe, N.Y. are probably my two favorite out of many that I have played.

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