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What’s In Your Bag With Sophomore Laure Castelain

April 9, 2013

Sophomore Laure Castelain has proven to be one of the more consistent golfers for the Seminoles during the first two seasons of her career in Tallahassee. She sat down with seminoles.com between rounds of the Marsh Landing Invitational and let Seminole Nation know what clubs she carries and what golf ball she generally plays with during each round.

What is your favorite club and why?
I would say my 9 iron. I usually knock it close to the hole with that club

You can carry 14 clubs in your bag. What is your system for how you fill your bag with different types of clubs?
The woods go together; 5 and 6 irons; 7,8,9 irons; then 3 wedges together and putter alone.

What type of ball do you use (more carry, less spin, etc.) and how do you mark them for each round?
I use a ProV1. I mark them with 2 dots (one blue, one pink) on the side of the #. I usually play a #2 or #4. It’s been a while that I mark it this way. I usually add a specific word of the day on the ball.

Do you carry anything inside of your bag for good luck? How long have you carried that particular item?
I don’t carry anything specific for good luck.

How long have you been playing with the set of clubs that are in your bag right now?
I have carried for about 3 years for the irons and 1 for the woods.

How do you mark your golf balls on the green? Do you carry a specific coin? Marker?
I like to use the same coin to mark my ball on the green. I usually put the arrow towards my line.

What is your career low round score? Where and when did you achieve it?
I shot 3 under at Biarritz, France during the Biarritz cup.
Do you have any career holes-in-one?
Not yet…

What is your most favorite course?
Definitely Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland – an amazing golf course where I played the British Ladies Championship last summer.

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