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While Most Of The College Football World Is Playing, FSU Continues Practice

Aug. 30, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – The first Saturday of the college football season seemed just like any other day of the week for the Seminole football team. With an open date today, FSU was out on the practice field shifting its focus towards its September 6th opener versus Western Carolina (1-0). The squad practiced for 15 periods in shells. The first six periods were spent working on special teams and the second half of practice saw both units working versus scout teams. Following conditioning, the team ate lunch and was finished for the day.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“We had our last controlled scrimmage before the ballgame like we’ve always done on Friday night. Of course the thing we’re trying to do is see are we ready to play a game. Are the substitutions coming in right, does the kicking team know when to go on the field, are they sitting in the right place where we can find them and things like that. We did a pretty good job on that. We had two times where we would have had a penalty on, I think one was a field goal and another was a punt, where a guy didn’t go out there. We’re sitting out there with ten men and that’s going to be a penalty or you’re going to have to waste one of your time outs. So those are the type of things we’re trying to get because usually the first game, the first game can become a comedy of errors if you’re not careful. It’s the first time they’ve been out there, they jump offside, they hold, they do this and that. It went pretty smoothly. This morning we tried to come out and correct our mistakes and began to do some things that we would be doing against the first opponent.”


On Western Carolina:
“They’ve got a new coaching staff. I’m sure they look a lot different. The way they play and some of the things they’re doing…you can’t take anybody lightly as we know. It will just give us a chance to get going and you hope it’s smooth and hope you see who ought to be here and who ought to be here. There are so many questions like that that will get answered but the final answers will not come until later.”


On smaller school teams surprising Florida State in the past:

“There’s been a lot of them. We played Georgia Southern out here one year that was the year we came out second in the nation. They led us for three and a half quarters. We finally pulled it out. I think Odell (Haggins) was one of them; we had about four or five guys we sat that we wasn’t going to play, trying to get them healthy. We had to put them back in, I think in the third quarter we had to put them back in.”


Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

On Friday night’s scrimmage:

“We just went through game situations against the scouts. We did half and half. It was just half of situations, drive, worked on substitutions, working the 40-second clock making sure we’re not getting delayed. That’s what gets you in the first game, guys running in the huddle, not hearing the personal changes or who’s coming in for what and did a lot of that, executed well. Then we did a half of practice against each other.”


On D’Vontrey Richardson’s playing:

“He impressed me very much; I keep telling you that kid impresses me more and more everyday. I mean because he’s a guy that, you know there are certain guys when they play they do things right and that’s what he learned to do, too. Understand how to play quarterback, not only beat the physical skills and now he’s beating with his mind and rally understanding. But there are things involved that we can’t coach, something’s going to happen, somebody’s going to get beat and then there is a physical gift that takes over that only a few of them have, and he has it and know he’s doing it instead of all the time he’s doing it when he has to and not wearing himself out and continues to make plays and plays and plays. He’s really impressive.”


DE Everette Brown:

On the young defensive line:

“Well it’s going to look young; we’re going to have a lot of young guys out there playing but at the same time those guys are talented. We’ve been working real hard up front and getting everybody on the same page so we can work great as a unit. We can be great individually but if we’re not great as a unit it doesn’t mean anything. The main thing is it’s going to be a challenge but it’s not going to be a drop off. We’re still gonna play Florida State football, we’re still going to attack, still gonna change the line of scrimmage like coach Mickey Andrews wants us to and be productive and that’s the main thing that we’re gonna do. Once again we’re gonna have a lot of young guys but those guys are working hard and those guys are going to contribute early.”


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